Russians can once again download software from Intel, but not easily.


Intel logo on semiconductor

Until recently, Russian citizens have been unable to download the relevant driver software for any of their Intel hardware as a result of the market withdrawal due to the invasion of Ukraine.

However, it has been found that some people have managed to find a way to access the software thanks to an indirect navigation route, which blocks people in place to prevent people from accessing Intel’s website. stops

The fix is, if a user goes directly to Intel’s download portal from another site such as a search engine, the site is now accessible again, whereas it wasn’t when the attack first started.

Intel had the following to say about this recent news:

“There have been no recent changes to our operations; Intel complies with all applicable export regulations and restrictions in the countries where it operates.”

“This includes compliance with sanctions and export controls imposed by the United States and allied countries against Russia and Belarus.”

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, many restrictions have been imposed on Russian citizens and many businesses, including Microsoft, have completely withdrawn from operating in the country.

Source: Register


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