Russian courts fine Twitch $57,000 over “fake” Ukrainian content.


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Russian courts today fined Amazon-owned Twitch 4 million rubles (around $57,000 | £46,300) for failing to remove allegedly “fake” content about its current military operation in Ukraine.

Twitch has regularly been in the news for its handling of content, not only that which breaks local laws, but also content that doesn’t comply with copyright law – followed by takedown requests.

This is not the first time that tech and social media companies have run afoul of Russian regulations. Facebook, Proton Mail and Google have all come under pressure in recent years. This is due to complaints about hosting content that is not allowed under current Russian legislation.

After the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, many US-based tech companies have withdrawn from Russia altogether. Microsoft, Logitech, and Dell are some of the big names that have completely exited the Russian market in the past 12 months.

Twitch currently has no comment on fines or reported “fake” content about the war in Ukraine.

Source: Reuters


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