Rufus 4.1 restores some missing features, adds better compatibility.


The Rufus app is running in Windows 11.

Pat Batard, the developer of the popular third-party tool Rufus, has released a new update with several fixes. Version 4.1 is now available for download from GitHub with improved compatibility with the Windows Dev Kit 2023 platform and some previously missing features, such as MS-DOS drive creation using binaries from Microsoft.

Here are the release notes for Rufus 4.1:

  • Add a timeout on enumeration queries that may hang on some systems.

  • Restore the creation of the MS-DOS drive by downloading the binaries from Microsoft.

  • Update the log button icon.

  • UEFI: Fix NTFS incompatibility with Windows Dev Kit 2023 platform (pbatard/uefi-ntfs#37)

  • Fix more GRUB of range pointer with Ubuntu/Fedora when booting in BIOS mode.

You can download Rufus 4.1 from Nuveen. Official website, GitHubor Microsoft Store. Rufus is completely open source, so enthusiasts with the necessary skills can contribute to the project’s development on GitHub.

For those unfamiliar, Rufus is a small app that lets you create bootable USB drives with Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. In addition to its core feature, the program allows downloading ISO files directly from Microsoft, making Rufus your all-in-one program for clean-installing and servicing operating systems on various PCs. Is.

It also has some extras up its sleeve, such as removing system requirements for Windows 11 (TPM, SecureBoot, UEFI, 4GB of RAM, etc.), creating a local account, disabling BitLocker, flashing BIOS or DOS. From other firmware, and more.

You can use Rufus on any PC running Windows 8 and newer (installable, portable, x86, x64, and ARM64). Windows 7, unfortunately, is no longer supported — the OS was dropped in version 4.0, which was released in late April 2023. However, Rufus can still create Windows 7-based bootable USB drives, assuming the app runs on a more recent Windows version. Check out our guide on how to create bootable USB drives using Rufus.


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