RPGs are gaming at their best, not linear single-player adventures.


Video games are divided into several genres, giving players a variety of options to delve into. The industry has always prided itself on the diversity of its products and the different experiences it provides. Even within genres there is stark contrast, which is why Subspecies And making gaming more diverse.

It’s only natural that so many different genres in the gaming world will lead to a lot of competition. Most popular AAA titles are spread evenly across all of these classes. call of duty, GTApokemon, FIFAAnd Demon of residence Make up the biggest gaming franchises, and as you can tell, none of them are the same.

Only a few genres dominate the industry in sales. Shooting titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty are big money earners. On the other hand, open-world sandbox adventures with a focused storyline, like Grand Theft Auto, also sell like hotcakes.

But, only two genres not only earn record profits but compete for Game of the Year every time. Role playing games Form one of the species we are talking about. No matter what year it is, you’ll always find an open world role-playing title like Elden Ring in the top 10 games of the year.

Alden Ring and God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarök (linear single player) and Alden Ring (RPG)

Secondly, Single player adventure Games without an open world and a linear narrative focus are also major players in the industry.

Ever since Sony started making action-adventure titles like these, the storytelling in these games has gone up a level. god of war, unorderedAnd The last of us These are just a few examples of best-selling games with remarkable stories.

Video games that fall into either of these two categories are excellent examples of the medium as an art form. They take gaming beyond the basics of gameplay and prove how much more they can be, indie or AAA. Every year, either a story-driven action-adventure game or an RPG wins the Game of the Year award.

People have different preferences, and one may prefer both or just one of them. But, such a fierce competition between the two begs the question: which genre is better?

Of course, everyone has their own personal opinion on this, and I’m of the opinion that role-playing games are much better, and Alden Rings’ record-breaking award proves it.

Role-playing games give players more freedom.

What made video games so popular in the first place was the control they gave players. In other forms of media, you can’t decide who dies, how something unfolds, and when it ends. However, you have freedom To do this and fix a lot in video games.

The best example of this freedom exists in role-playing games. Sure, RPGs lead to an ending just like linear single-player games do. But, the path your character takes is up to you, whereas in the latter, the arcs are already set.

You only have one main character. 90% Single-player adventures while limiting your perspective. In RPGs, however, you can be whatever you want and play the game from different perspectives.

Most role-playing titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Alden Ring, DiabloAnd Fallout Allows you to determine what your player character will look like. From choosing between life and death to choosing between conflicting dialogues, they allow for maximum freedom in building your character.

So, you can be as nice a person as you like, or a complete douchebag.

Many role-playing games allow you to create your character from scratch. You can choose it”Character class“They have them, what clothes they wear, and what abilities they have. Alden Ring is the latest example of such a system, as are many others. Born of spirits the game.

By choosing a specific character class, which is related to it. Abilities, you can decide from the start how you will beat your bosses. So, you can customize your gameplay experience in the game. If you want to be a A hero with no weapons on him. And help the struggling players, no one is going to stop you.

As you continue to play RPGs like Alden Ring, you get to make more and more choices. You can make your choice. weaponGet better. clothing, and become the fantasy warrior of your dreams. Surviving scenarios that aren’t possible in the real world is what gaming is all about, and no one sums it up better than role-playing titles.

Ability to explore

Of course, some games aren’t like Alden Ring or Skyrim, and you get a main character that you can’t change. The Witcher series, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Horizon Forbidden West are some famous examples of such games. But, even with the main character being pre-set, they still give you a lot of autonomy.

For example, you can still decide what kind of dialogue to have. Alloy In Horizon Games says. So, you can shape the character in your image, not just create them from scratch.

Even if you remove the character customization angle, RPGs still outperform single-player titles. Search. In these games, you have the freedom to explore fascinating worlds that you can only call fictional. Role-playing games such as Alden Ring and Assassin’s Creed Allows you to experience these fantasy worlds in depth.

You can go anywhere on the map, talk to anyone. NPC In the game world, do more. From helping people to riding different animals, players can fully immerse themselves in the game. If you don’t want to do any of that, you can just find a beautiful place in the game world and look at beautiful places.

Single player games are not open world and therefore do not allow you to explore as such. Players can only visit limited areas and move from one mission to another. Games like God of War Ragnarok are breathtaking, but they don’t afford that kind of freedom.

Alden ring beating the last of us 2 more point

Over the past few years, many amazing role-playing games have come out. But, none of them left a mark on gaming like Alden Ring In. 2022. The game was a critical and commercial success on all fronts and broke records all over the world.

FromSoftware’s new IP took the Soulsborne formula and made it perfect. Perhaps this is the reason why RPG also holds the most coveted record in the gaming world.

At the end of each year, many publications, websites, and award shows reveal them. Game of the Year. And there’s always one game that sweeps the majority away, and last year it was Alden Ring.

In 2022, Alden Ring won yesterday. 331 Game of the Year Awards in total. From Reader Poll to Popular Sports Awards, RPG got top spot everywhere. In doing so, it Beat the previous holder of this record, which is a single-player story-adventure.

Before Alden Ring, The Last of You Part 2 held the record 322 Game of the Year Awards. One of the reasons it won was the creativity it brought to its genre. The Naughty Dog game is one of the only story-driven titles with heavy gameplay that is played from two opposing perspectives.

Apart from the amazing story, this method of elaborate storytelling made it a great game. 2020. You can debate whether or not this was the pinnacle of single-player games, but it elevated the genre and did something new.

The game took a page out of the role-playing book and allowed players to play the game from it. Contradictory approach And choose your own.

Alden Ring beating such an amazing title further reinforces this opinion. Both are amazing genres with amazing games, but role-playing titles will always have that slight edge. Neil Druckmanthe Director Of The Last of Us Part 2 also believes that Alden Ring has a way to tell a story.

So, even the visionaries behind the most decorated single-player game of all time believe that role-playing games are slightly superior. There is no doubt that both these genres are great in their own right. RPGs, however, will always have that extra edge over single-player games.

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