Roblox The Survival Game Map (v1.3.4)


Looking for a Survival game map?

in Survival game, you will immerse yourself in a medieval world with endless possibilities. You can explore the game map, build a shelter, get resources like iron, ingot, steel and bluesteel and gradually craft stronger gear.

However, a map is necessary to keep track of all the resources available in the game’s different biomes.

Survival Game Map (Version 1.3.4)

Image source: UndoneBuilder#1933

The above map results from the work of UndoneBuilder#1933, Rei#0219 and Rango#6893. Although biome/island names are not official, they are appropriate for describing survival game locations.

We can divide the game map into three different biomes:

  • Jungle biome at the top.
  • Mainland biome in the middle.
  • Below is the desert biome.

A map helps you find farmable resources in The Survival Game; Stone, coal, copper and iron. The first three metals are abundant in all biomes, but the fourth is rare, hence the map along with our Iron Locations Guide. As you can see from the map, most of the iron deposits are underground, inside caves.

Here’s everything you can find on the map (map legend):

  • Enemy NPCs
  • Passive NPCs
  • Stone locations
  • Coal locations
  • Copper positions
  • Iron positions
  • the base
  • Underground locations
  • Easter Eggs (Badges)
  • Desert Maze Path
  • Crashed Imperial Ship (These are the Imperial Ship Shipwreck spawn locations. Inside the Shipwreck, you can find Bluesteel)

Mainland biome

The Mainland biome has two great farming locations for all metals. The Western Iron Mountains (inside the cave) and the island with the two stone statues (inside several caves) both have abundant minerals for you to farm.

Desert biome

A desert cave is a nice place to collect two ero ores, you can also find an oasis, a maze, pyramids, and two elephants that are passive animals that can be hunted for fur and meat.

Jungle biome

The Jungle Biome is defined by three landmarks: a waterfall, a skull, and a giant Maoi statue. You won’t find many ores, but there are many hostile NPCs to take down.


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