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Many Roblox players might be familiar with, an online platform that allows you to play Roblox games online. is essentially a mobile cloud platform that runs mobile games, including Roblox, on its own operating system and provides an interface for players that allows them to play those games in their browsers on PC and mobile devices.

What is the benefit of

The main advantage of using is that the resources needed to run any mobile game on the platform and in our case Roblox are used on the platform and not on the user’s device. So at the expense of mobile data (if you’re not using WiFi) and a slightly slower experience in some cases, you can run Roblox on low-end smartphones and laptops that struggle to run the game on the device. .

Additionally, you don’t need to download and install Roblox on your device to access its games.

Meanwhile, allows Roblox players to access the game from school Chromebooks and laptops if the website is unblocked by the school’s firewall. used to be the best way to unblock and play Roblox, but now it is blocked in many schools and offices.

Another advantage of is that the service is free for mobile players at the time of writing.

How does work?

You can think of as a platform similar to online video game streaming platforms like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Amazon Luna, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Sony PlayStation Now, and Google Stadia. In the case of, the primary targets are mobile games that run on the platform’s cloud while providing the ability to use their devices’ input to control characters.

Every time you select a game from the library, a new instance of the game will run and stream in your browser.

How to use Roblox

Roblox Play Roblox Games Online

To play Roblox on you need to visit it App page On a cloud platform. Click the pink “play in browser” button once. Roblox is now loading and the game will eventually take you to its login page. You can use your Roblox username and password to login and then you will be redirected to your Roblox profile.

From there, you can browse the Avatar Shop and search for any Roblox experiences, including some of the most popular ones, including Adopt Me, Shindo Life, All Star Tower Defense, Grand Peace Online, and more. You can press the green play button to start the experience in your browser and play just like you would with any online browser game.

Can you buy Robux on

No, Robux purchase functionality is not implemented on


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