Returnal hits PC in February, Sony details specs and system requirements


Return PC

After several leaks, Sony announced last month that Returns Finally coming to PC in early 2023. The wait hasn’t been that long, as the award-winning PlayStation exclusive has received a firm release date for the new platform today. February 15 will be the day when PC players can get into the looping action game this time around.

The system requires that were There are five descriptions to compare veins with in detail today:

Return PC

The requirements paint a grim picture for users of older-generation graphics cards, with hitting 1080p 60FPS at high graphics settings (without retracing) requiring relatively modern hardware such as the RTX 2070.

Sony and original developer Housemarque have partnered with Climax Studios to power the port, and today’s announcement includes details on what kind of features the latest version will bring.

Return PC

While the game already supports ray-traced shadows like the PlayStation 5, the PC version will come with special ray-traced reflections for extra eye candy on Atropos. Ray-traced audio as well as multiple 3D audio solutions are also included. Ultrawide monitor users will also be happy to know that this release adds support for 21:9 and even 32:9 aspect ratios.

Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR upscaling technologies are also implemented to achieve better performance with a much lower hit to fidelity, which will be especially useful with raytracing. Support for Sony’s DualSense controller (with its haptic bells and whistles) is here as well as full keyboard and mouse support.

Returns Coming to both steam And Epic Games Store on February 15th with a $59.99 price tag and is available for pre-order now. Following this release the following month, Sony The Last of Us Part 1 The remake hit PC in March, maintaining a steady pace of monthly ports.


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