Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Viper Locations


One of the merchant’s requests is “Viper HunterTasks Leon to hunt down 3 Vipers and sell them to the merchant. You can find Vipers just by listening for their hissing sound. When you hear a hiss, it means you are close to it.

Before starting: Viper Hunter is the third merchant application. And to get this request, you have to complete the first two to unlock it.

Key highlights

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake has a new set of side quests known as Merchant Applications..
  • Known as the fourth merchant application. Viper Hunter.
  • The player must hit. 3 wipers And sell them to the merchant to complete the request.
  • There are 3 places where you can find Vipers, including: The rock path, District centerAnd Fish farm.
  • Viper is in a cabin on the cliff path. The Town Hall Viper can be found in a crate you can see as soon as you enter.
  • There is 4 wipers Located on a fish farm. All of them are spread over the area.
  • There is a reward for completing the application. 4 Spinels And 3000 pesetas.

Cliffside Path Wiper Location

Cliff side wiper
Cliffside Path Viper location on the map.

There is a viper that can be found on the cliff side path. As you cross the wooden walkway that connects the church to the mine, you can find one. The cabin there. The cabin will have a table with a crate on top. Break the crate, and you’ll find Viper sitting in it. However, to take on Viper, you must first kill him. Use your knife to kill the Viper to save ammo.

Location of Town Hall Viper

Town Hall Viper
Location of Town Hall Viper on the map.

A viper can be found in the village town hall. However, you can’t open it unless you have it. Vertigo key on you. Once you get the Vertigo Key, go to the Town Hall. As you enter the town hall, you see a shelf on the left. There is a crate on this shelf. Smash the crate, and you’ll find another snake.

Important: The Town Hall Viper is only available if you haven’t passed the church. In fact, if you’re past it when you go again, the Viper is no longer there.

Fish Farm Viper Locations

Fish farm locations
All Fish Farm Viper locations are on the map.

Fish farm is an area full of vipers. In fact, this area is actually used as a breeding ground for vipers. Moreover, you don’t even need to care about the 2 wipers at the above locations. There are enough Vipers in this area for you to complete the Viper Hunter request. Actually there are 4 wipers are scattered throughout this area. All of them are listed below.

  • First Viper: When you enter the fish farm, you can see. A wooden ramp leads to a bridge. Viper sits on the ramp.
  • Second Wiper: You can find a second wiper in Fish farm center On a wooden platform.
  • Third Viper: This can be found on North End of fish farms. It will be underwater, so you must listen for its hiss to find it.
  • Fourth Viper: The final Viper can be found west of the fish farm. It is close to a cabin. West End of fish farms.

Once you kill and collect the 3 Vipers, go to the merchant. After selling them, the merchant will reward you and so complete the merchant request.

Important: There is a reward for completing this application. 4 Spinels And 3000 pesetas.


Resident Evil 4 Remake is a survival horror game, just like the original. However, many new things have been added in this game. In fact, one of the new additions includes merchant applications. These are the side quests given to you by the merchant in Resident Evil 4. One of those requests in RE4 Remake is the Viper Hunter request. This is the third merchant application. The first form destroys blue medallions, and the second is pest control. Viper Hunter is followed by a Grave Robber request.

To complete the Viper Hunter request, you must know all the Viper locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are 3 locations where you can find Vipers. These include the Cliffside Path, the Town Hall and the Fish Farm. Moreover, you need to kill 3 Vipers to complete the request. In fact, you can find a total of 6 Vipers in these locations. This covers everything you needed to know about Viper locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake.


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