Resident Evil 4 mod added to the game costume menu. Unlocking unused voice lines ends.


Highlights of the story

  • A Resident Evil 4 modder has created a mod that allows players to change outfits within the game.
  • The mode also uses some unused voice lines, having the characters talk about each other’s outfit changes.
  • The mod is currently available for download from the Modding Haven Discord server.

A Resident Evil 4 modder named “Aaron Link” has found a way to enable the costume menu in the game. Pretty neat, right? But that’s not all. The modder discovered that changing costumes in the game would result in characters commenting on each other’s outfit changes, which definitely points to a pre-programmed script. The modding haven Discord server.

As shown in Snipzuu’s tweet, the mod has added an “Extras” option to the pause menu, allowing you to change characters’ costumes while playing the game. The clip also reveals that Leon and Ashley sometimes comment on each other’s outfits, which begs the question: if there’s no way to change outfits in the game, what about those voice lines? Benefit?

It could also be a feature that was supposed to be implemented in a future update or something that they had to remove before adding the finishing touches to the game due to bugs. Resident Evil 4 includes many costumes for both Leon and Ashley, the game’s main characters. You can select any outfit by going to the “Main Story” and then selecting the “Extras” option from the game’s main menu.

One problem with this is that you cannot change your characters clothing while playing the game. However, this mod by “Aaron Link” fixes this problem. Regardless of the reason behind the existence of these vocal lines in the game, it’s still healthy to see Leon and Ashley occasionally talking about each other’s outfits.

The mod can be downloaded from the “Modding Haven Exclusives” channel under their Discord server. However, it has not been fully tested yet and may cause bugs and glitches in some areas of the game.

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