Resident Evil 4 fans expressed concern over “raining milk” in the remake.


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  • Game Informer will be providing exclusive coverage for Resident Evil 4: The Remake throughout February.
  • The rain effects in Resident Evil 4: The Remake lack realism. People are concerned about the disconnection of the environment between the two versions.
  • Players should wait for the final version as some elements may change.

On its way to release, Resident Evil 4: Remake is making headlines once again. New information has been revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. However, this time the discussion is on the impact of the game’s rain or as some are calling it “rain of milk”.

As part of Exclusive coverage from Game Informer New images and videos of the game have been released. As can be seen in the video, the raindrops displayed in the game are exceptionally prominent. The degree of prominence is what they look like. Drops of milk Instead of actual rain.

"Milk rain" In the Resident Evil 4 remake
“Milk Rain” in Resident Evil 4 Remake

A similar debate has taken place in the past, prior to the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man over its puddles on the PlayStation 4. Players around the world were saddened to see the fidelity of these puddles reduced to an abominably inferior level by shiny spots of water.

Insomniac Games later attributed this to a reduction in size and not a visual reduction.

Resident Evil 4: The Remake has a March 23, 2023 release date. With that in mind, the game should be close to going gold if it isn’t already. In light of this and new revelations, folks They have been expressing their concerns. About the environment in the remake and how it can’t live up to the original.

According to players, there is a disconnect between the original and the remake when it comes to environments. Not only that, but the lighting effect in the remake isn’t casting shadows as well as the original. It detracts from the experience of the upcoming remake because the standard set by the original was so high.

Additionally, people have commented on the remake looking washed out. While some may see it that way, it’s a fact that Resident Evil 4’s color scheme was never dynamic. It is set in a rural part of Europe and uses a linear color scheme to heighten its narrative. The remake improves in this regard.

Some have pointed out that it is a video, And so many factors are at work, which means the final version will be different.

I think Capcom should do something with this rain problem! It sounds terrible. 😵 From Demon of residence

A lot goes into game development, and with Capcom’s legacy of the original Resident Evil 4 and their knowledge of previous remakes in the series, we can assume that the final version will be a better product.

Graphics are the first thing we see in any form of media. What stood out the most in this new revelation were the rain effects. While it could definitely use some polish, overall the reveal kept the game highly polished and up to the same standards set by its predecessors.

With launch just around the corner, we hope Resident Evil 4: Remake achieves the same level of success as the original and sets a new standard for remakes.

Game Informer will be providing exclusive coverage of Resident Evil 4: Remake throughout the month of February. You can find details about this coverage here. Here.

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