Report: Gears 6 will be the next game in Collision after two other games were cancelled.


If you have fans Gears of War The sci-fi shooter franchise from Microsoft has some good news. A new game in the series, Gears 6, is really in progress. The bad news, at least for the team behind the franchise, Coalition, is that two other non-Gears games have reportedly been canceled by the developer.

In 2021, Etihad revealed it was working on “several new projects,” so news of these cancellations is a bit disappointing. According to Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb (through Game Spot) The decision was due to recent layoffs at Microsoft, which reportedly let go of several people at the Vancouver-based alliance. It’s currently unknown what the two games were like before the cancellation decisions, but apparently, neither of them were related. Gears Franchise

There’s no word on how deep the development team is into building. Gears 6, so it may be a while before we know more about the next big game in the series. We know that the game will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. Gears 5which was released by Alliance and Microsoft in 2019, received mostly positive reviews.


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