Remember Microsoft’s Outlook Lite app? It will soon let you send SMS and more.


A graphic showing Outlook Lite Android and the Microsoft logo on a dark background

Microsoft’s Outlook Lite app made its debut on the Google Play Store last year to cater to users who use the email client on budget devices. It was designed to bring key features of the original Outlook app into a lightweight app. While it does what it set out to do very well, Microsoft hasn’t introduced anything major since its launch. This is going to change in the next few months.

Microsoft is working on two major features for the Outlook Lite app. The lightweight Outlook app will allow users to use it as an SMS app. You will be able to send and receive text messages in the app, replacing your current default SMS app. However, Microsoft is working on this capability keeping the users in India in mind. Functionality will be limited to that geographic area only.

Another new functionality that Outlook Lite will bring to its users is Vernacular Voice Compose. This means users will be able to compose their emails in nine supported Indian languages ​​using their voice. Not only this, Outlook Lite users will also be able to translate their emails into another language before tapping the send button. However, Microsoft has not yet revealed what these supported languages ​​are.

SMS on Outlook Lite

Vernacular Voice Compose in Outlook Lite

According to Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, the Vernacular Voice Compose functionality will be available to all Outlook Lite users in India next month in May. On the other hand, the new SMS experience will be available in July this year. But these launch timelines are subject to change as they are tentative.

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