Remake the RE4 Golden Egg side quest [Location & Rewards]


I Chapter 4 In the RE4 remake, players can start a side quest to find the Golden Egg. the boat Close Deal applied Lake. Players will have to find out. Golden eggs In a small area of ​​the lake.

Important: If players miss the golden egg in Lake Del Lago, they can get it later on Ramon Salazar’s throne in the Castle.

Key takeaways

  • The Golden Egg Hunt side quest in RE4 Remake can be started from where the player Fuel the boat.
    1. to find golden egg, Players should go directly to the area. West of the lake.
    2. Once players are there, they can explore. Golden eggs Shining behind the bush.
    3. Now, head to the merchant to complete the hunt for the golden egg.
  • Completing the Golden Egg Hunt side quest will reward players. x3 spinel, With which valuable items can be exchanged.
  • In addition, players can also sell Golden eggs To the merchant to receive 9000 Pesetas
  • The golden egg can also be used during Ramon Salazar. Boss fight To inflict heavy damage on him.

Remake the RE4 Golden Egg side quest

  • Players can start searching for the golden egg at the location where players have to. Fuel Boat in RE4 Remake.
Quest Golden Eggs
Golden Egg Quest Menu | Photo by eXputer
  • Quests require players to give. Golden eggs to the merchant.
  • Many players are curious about how to find the Golden. Eggs In the RE4 remake.
  • The answer is that players need to go directly to the area. East of Lake Del Lago.
Area Golden Eggs
Desired Area | Image credit: Exporter
  • Once the players are on it. location He will be able to find out Golden eggs Backshine a The bush Posted below.
  • The area is very small, so it is easy to find the golden egg.
Location Golden Eggs RE4
The exact location of the golden egg Photo by eXputer
  • Once players have obtained the golden egg, they can go to the merchant to complete the egg hunting side quest in RE4 Remake.
  • Also, murder Deal applied A monster is needed to finish it off. The quest
  • If players go too far and miss the lake, they can get it too. Golden eggs From Salazar’s Throne The fort.


  • Players can get x3 Spinel To complete the Golden Egg Hunt side quest.
  • In addition, players can get 9000 pesetas Golden egg for sale.

Using the Golden Egg against Ramon Salazar in RE4 Remake

Players can check. Golden eggs Ramon Salazar for dealing heavy damage to him in the boss fight. This can make the whole meeting a lot easier, so keep that in mind.


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And there you have it; With our guide, you’ll be able to learn how to find golden eggs in RE4 Remake and spend no time searching for golden eggs.

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