Redfall Xbox controllers are now available in the Xbox Design Lab.


Redfall xbox controller

As Arkane Studios, Bethesda Softworks, and Microsoft prepare to release a vampire-themed first-person shooter. Red Fall Next week, Microsoft is offering gamers a way to get their hands on some limited-edition Xbox controller designs based on the game through the Xbox Design Lab.

Microsoft announced. Those five Red Fall Inspirational designs are now available. Via the Design Lab siteStarting at $84.99. Four designs are based on the game’s hero characters, while the last one is a vampire-themed controller based on red and black. Microsoft states:

Each design highlights each character and key aspects of the game. Devendra’s top case mimics the rust and steel from his many adventurous cryptids, while Jacob’s silver case is detailed with his hex pattern blue dress and sniper scope markings. Layla’s two-tone black and purple top case is bursting with personality with white accents, and Remy’s top case shows off her robotics background with the same orange color as her drone, Brabin. is with You can also choose from one of four unique Redfall battery door engravings, which compliment different aspects of the game.

Red Fall The Xbox Series X is slated for release on May 2 for Xbox Series X consoles and PC. You can. Pre-order the Standard Edition.either or Bite Back version with additional in-game contenton Amazon.

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