Reddit wants to make ‘millions of dollars’ from API after Twitter


Reddit API costs may increase.

In a recent Reddit thread, the developer behind the popular Apollo Reddit client shed light on the details of Reddit’s updated API pricing. Christian Selig expressed his dismay at the platform’s proposed cost structure, which he believes will place a significant burden on third-party developers.

Earlier this year, Twitter decided to shut down or severely restrict the use of third-party apps. This move disappointed many developers, as they depended on alternative apps for better user experiences. Reddit appears to be headed down a similar path, raising concerns within the developer community.

Apollo has gained popularity as one of the most popular Reddit clients. However, the future of third-party apps now hangs in the balance. Christian Selig shared his discussion with Reddit regarding the updated API pricing, which revealed a significant cost increase.

According to Selig, Reddit informed him that the new API cost would be $12,000 for 50 million requests. Given that Apollo generates approximately 7 billion requests per month, the estimated monthly spend for API access would reach $1.7 million, which equates to $20 million annually.

Selig further highlighted the significant cost differences between Reddit and other platforms. For example, he mentioned that 50 million API calls with Imgur cost $166. In comparison, Reddit’s suggested price is about 20 times higher.


API costs are a significant challenge for third-party developers. Even if it relied entirely on subscription users, the average Apollo user would have a monthly usage cost of $2.50, more than double the current subscription fee.

Despite the situation, Selig is determined to find a solution and continue to support Apollo. However, Reddit has indicated that it may be more flexible regarding API pricing, leaving Selig and other developers in a precarious position.

As the situation unfolds, developers and Reddit must find a mutually beneficial solution that ensures the continued availability and success of these popular third-party Reddit clients.

Source: Reddit thread


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