Reddit announced the feature of Discord-like chat channels for subreddits.



Reddit is giving people a new way to chat within subreddits on their platform. It announced a feature called Chat Channels that will serve as a dedicated space within the subreddit where users can communicate with each other in real time. Reddit already allows direct messages and has a feature called Live Chat, which people can use by creating a new post. However, one limitation here is that the conversation is limited to a specific post.

Reddit said it is taking a “mode-first approach” with chat channels by adding various tools and options that will help moderators better manage their channels. The first prototype comes with features such as dedicated mod-only chat channels, inline chat moderation of reported messages, controls to determine which members can join chat channels, and content flagging. And the ability to moderate from a specific chat queue for removal.

Reddit announces chat channels.

The company is currently running a small pilot program for chat channels where it is working with 25 volunteers, each with less than 100,000 members. After testing and collecting feedback, it will expand the program to further sub-edits by selecting names from the waiting list.

Also Reddit shared A future roadmap for chat channels, which will allow mods to view a user’s message history, pin important messages, edit their own messages, mention users, and more. Chat channels will first be available on Reddit’s mobile apps and later on its website. Part of its latest web experience. You can find more details here. Here.


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