Rebuild RE4 Ashley’s Night Armor: How to Unlock


The medieval-style RE4 remake Ashley’s armor, while not fitting her character design, gives her near-invulnerability and a quirky aesthetic. This powerful outfit transforms Ashley into a A near indestructible force, makes him immune to most attacks from enemies and even prevents him from being killed by opponents. Armed with Ashley’s Knight Armor, you’ll find yourself tackling tough challenges and rising to the top with newfound confidence and ease.

Key takeaways

  • Unlock RE4 to remake Ashley’s armor by completing Hardcore mode with one. A position Within 10 hours
  • use New Game Plus Aiding in faster completion on hardcore, to get powerful weapons.
  • Access Ashley’s Armor in the Extras tab on the main menu to equip.
  • Ashley’s Armor grants a Insurmountable advantageProtecting him from most enemy attacks.
  • Armor’s advantages shine especially in later playthroughs, increasing game progression.
  • Equip the armor. Stop the enemies By carrying Ashley, ensuring her safety during gameplay.
  • Consider achieving higher ranks or trying Professional Mode for more challenges.
  • Armor has the advantage of invulnerability. Active only It is disabled when equipped and if removed.
  • Equip and unequip Ashley’s armor exclusively from the main menu, not during gameplay.
  • Prepare for hardcore mode by mastering the game, improving route performance, and planning strategies.
  • Use Ashley’s Armor for convenience. A victim of success And improve the overall gaming experience.

Important: Getting an A rank within 10 hours in Hardcore mode is the key to unlocking Ashley’s Armor in RE4 Remake.

Unlocking Ashley’s Knight Armor

Gearing yourself up properly before attempting to unlock Ashley’s Knight Armor in RE4 Remake is crucial. The challenge involves completing the game. Hard difficulty mode To ensure your success in less than 10 hours, follow these helpful tips and strategies:

Initial playthrough

  • Complete the game on a. Less difficult First order.
  • Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, enemy patterns, and overall map layout.

New game plus mode

  • Use the new Game Plus mode to maintain yours. Weapons, upgrades, and items from previous playthroughs.
  • Gain a critical edge when facing a challenge.

Acquisition of powerful weapons

  • Focus on getting unlimited rocket launchers.
  • Make a significant difference in the fight and help you complete the game within the required time limit.

Mastering the map

  • Study the map and plan your route to optimize your playthrough efficiently.
  • Save valuable time by knowing. Enemy locations and shortcuts.

Practice and persistence

  • Replay the game several times to get a better understanding. Enemy locations And the best strategy.
  • Build up the confidence to complete the game’s Hardcore mode. Less than 10 hours.

By following these preparation steps, you’ll be well equipped to take on the challenge of unlocking Ashley’s Night Armor in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Beating the game on hardcore mode

Taking on Resident Evil 4 remake in hardcore mode is no easy feat. To successfully complete and unlock the game Ashley’s Knight Armorfollow these tips and strategies for a smooth experience.

Understand the differences between hardcore modes.

  • Limited items to restore health.
  • Increased Enemy strength and aggression.
  • No auto-save feature; Only saves manual.

Developing a game plan

  • Prioritize objectives and avoid unnecessary exploration.
  • Plan your inventory carefully to minimize backtracking.
  • Stock up on ammo and health items when possible.

Implement combat strategies.

  • Take advantage of powerful weapons like unlimited rocket launchers.
  • Focus on headshots and critical hits to conserve ammo and finish off enemies quickly.
  • Use the environment to your advantage (eg exploding barrels and traps).

Manage time and save.

  • Aim to complete the game within the 10 hour time limit for A rank.
  • Use typewriters efficiently for savings without excessive backtracking.
  • Monitor your progress and adjust your pace accordingly.

Adapt to challenges.

  • Be on the lookout for surprises New enemy locations.
  • Learn from mistakes and adapt your strategy when needed.
  • Be patient even in high pressure situations.

Buying armor in the extra shop

Once you’ve conquered Resident Evil 4 Remake on Hardcore mode and achieved an A rank, it’s Shopping time Ashley’s Knight Armor in the Extra Shop. Follow these steps to get your hands on this powerful and unique outfit.

Go to the extra shop.

  • Access the main menu.
  • select “Extra Content Store” option

Buy Knight Armor.

  • Find Ashley’s Knight Armor in the shop.
  • Confirm the price. (2,000 CP).
  • Purchase armor using your accumulated Challenge Points (CP).

Understand the benefits of armor.

  • Ashley becomes invulnerable to most enemy attacks.
  • Enemies can no longer carry or abduct Ashley
  • Leon’s attacks are also reduced when directed at Ashley.

Equipping Ashley’s Armor RE4

After successfully unlocking and purchasing Ashley’s Knight Armor in Resident Evil 4 Remake, it’s important to know how to equip it for the best gameplay experience. Follow these simple steps to ensure Ashley’s armor is equipped properly and provides its unique benefits.

RE4 Ashley's Armor Outfitting Ashley with her Knight Armor
Dressing up Ashley with her Knight Armor

Access the Additional tab.

  • Go to the main menu of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • select “extra” tab to access additional content.
RE4 Detecting Ashley's Armor Extras Tab
Additional tab detection

Equip Armor Suit

  • Within the Extras tab, find the “Costume” option.
  • select “Ashley’s Dress” from the list.
  • Find and select “Armor” to equip Ashley with her Knight Armor.

Remember the important points

  • Armor Must be equipped From the main menu, not in game.
  • The Invulnerability perk is only active when the Armor Suit is equipped.
  • If the armor costume is removed, the perk will be disabled until re-equipped.

Start or restart the game.

  • After equipping the armor, your Save the list or Start a new game
  • Experience the benefits of Ashley’s Knight Armor in your playthrough.

With Ashley’s Night Armor now equipped, you can tackle challenges in Resident Evil 4 Remake with confidence, knowing she’s well protected from enemy attacks.

Advantages and limitations of Ashley’s Knight Armor

Ashley’s Night Armor, when equipped, can significantly affect the gameplay experience in Resident Evil 4 Remake. To better understand its effect, let’s explore the advantages and limitations of this unique garment.

Advantages of Armor

RE4 Ashley's Armor Ashley's Knight Armor
Ashley’s Knight Armor
  • Invincibility: The main advantage of Knight Armor is that it makes Ashley. Almost immune For enemy attacks. This extra protection can be a lifesaver in difficult situations.
  • Exemption from abduction: While wearing the armor, Ashley cannot be knocked away by enemies, preventing a common cause of game overs.
  • Better focus: With Ashley’s improved protection, players can focus on other aspects of gameplay, such as strategy and exploration, without constantly worrying about their safety.

Armor limitations

  • Limited movement: Heavy armor can slightly slow Ashley’s movement speed, making it more difficult to navigate certain areas.
  • Inaccessible middle game: Players can only equip Knight Armor from the main menu, not during gameplay. To change clothes, you must Exit the main menu. And go back to your saved file.
  • To disable a perk: Its invincible advantage if you remove the armor costume will be disabled until the garment is re-equipped.

While Ashley’s Knight Armor offers a number of advantages, it’s important to be aware of its limitations to ensure the best gameplay experience. Balancing armor’s advantages and limitations can lead to a more enjoyable and challenging playthrough in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Achievements and high ranks with armor

Equipping Ashley’s Night Armor in the RE4 remake can be a game changer when it comes to getting higher ranks and unlocking achievements. Let’s take a look at how using this unique outfit can make a difference in your gameplay.

Increase your level

  • A Rank on Hardcore: To get Ashley’s Knight Armor in RE4 Remake, you must complete the main story in Hardcore mode or higher with an A rank.
  • S+ Rank Possibilities: With Ashley invincible, players can focus on improving their gameplay and achieving the coveted S+ rank. Professional mode.

Unlock achievements

  • Fast Playthrough: The protection provided by the RE4 Remake Ashley Armor allows players to navigate the game more efficiently, potentially unlocking Speed ​​based achievements.
  • “Damsel in Distress” Not: With Ashley’s abduction immunity and durability boost, players can potentially. Unlock achievements. attached to his safety.
  • Additional Challenges: For players looking for a more challenging experience, equipping Knight Armor only after completing certain objectives or earning certain achievements can add an extra layer of difficulty.

Maximize armor potential

  • New Game Plus: Tackling higher levels and achievements becomes more manageable using the infinite rocket launcher and others. Powerful weapons open In the new game plus playthrough.
  • Create a strategy: Carefully plan your routes and inventory management to maximize the armor’s benefits and minimize its limitations.

Overall, Ashley’s Knight Armor can significantly affect your ability to reach higher ranks and unlock achievements in Resident Evil 4 Remake. By understanding its advantages and limitations, you can improve your gameplay and enjoy the in-game challenge of this unique outfit.


RE4 Remake Ashley’s armor is a notable one. Unlocked clothing Which not only adds a fun and quirky element to the game but also significantly affects your gameplay experience.

With its unique advantages, including Ashley’s invincibility, players can Pursue higher grades, unlock achievements, and enjoy the extra challenge that comes with it. While acquiring armor requires dedication and skill. Rewards Make this a worthwhile endeavor for any Resident Evil 4 remake enthusiast.

We’ve come to the end of our in-depth guide on how to unlock and equip Ashley’s Knight Armor. While you’re here, be sure to check out our extensive guide to all the hidden secrets and easter eggs in RE4 Remake.


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