RE4 Remake of Salazar Family Request Infamy


Salazar Family’s RE4 Remake Disgrace is one of two merchant requests you find in Chapter 12, the other being Jewel Thief. You must complete this request before going to Ashley at the Clock Tower, as you will not be able to return to the castle again.

Key takeaways

  • The RE4 remake is an insult to the Salazar family. Merchant Application At the beginning of which the players face. Chapter 12.
  • You need to complete this quest without proceeding with the main story. Otherwise, the game takes you out of the area where you need to go.
  • The quest wants you to deface Ramon Salazar’s portrait in RE4 Remake.
  • Once you get the merchant application, make your way The throne room I The fort.
  • Stop fighting any enemies in your way and save your bullets because they won’t follow you inside.
  • Inside the throne room, you’ll find Salazar’s photo That you have to do. Throw an egg to spoil.
  • If you don’t have an egg in your inventory, wait for the hen to lay in the throne room.
  • After throwing the egg at the portrait, you will receive 4 Spinels Like reward From the merchant
  • Spinels can be used to trade weapons such as Matilda and Punsiher with merchants.

Important: Don’t proceed with the main story when you get the Infamy of the Salazar family quest, because if you decide to save Ashley first, you won’t be able to complete it!

Completing the indignity of the Salazar family’s request

Re4's remake of Salazar Family Disgrace
Salazar family’s merchant’s disrespect for the place of application (photo taken by us)

Chapter 11 Right after your first encounter with the cruiser, Leon will again take an elevator to reach the ballroom in the castle area.

  • At the beginning of Chapter 12, Outside the shop of the Merchant In the ballroom, you’ll find two merchant requests.
  • One of those requests is Disgrace of the Salazar Family, in which the merchant wants you to somehow deface Ramon Salazar’s image.
  • The portrait is located in the throne room, and you will have to return to this location instead of proceeding with the main story.
  • At this point, if you accidentally proceed with the main story, you won’t be able to complete the Salazar Family’s dishonor request again.

Reaching the throne room

Re4's remake of Salazar Family Disgrace
Location of Salazar’s portrait in the throne room (image via eXputer)

The throne room is actually right next to the ballroom, and to get to the room you have to go through another hallway plus the ballroom itself.

  • Contains the hallway you walk through. Zealots controlled by parasitesand you shouldn’t waste any ammo fighting them.
  • Just run to the throne room, open the door, and go in, as the enemies won’t follow you inside the room.
  • Once inside the throne room, go to the location shown in the image above, and you’ll find a portrait of Salazar, which you must destroy.
  • To deface the portrait, we’ll need an egg.

Throwing an egg at a portrait

Re4's remake of Salazar Family Disgrace
The Chicken in the Throne Room (screenshot taken by eXputer)

If you don’t have an egg, the RE4 remake has you covered. There is Chickens There is one in the throne room that will drop an egg after waiting for a while. Additionally, there is a cubic device puzzle that gives you a golden egg if you solve it.

  • Once you get Eggs, throw over it Photo by Ramon Salazarand the Salazar family’s contempt petition will be complete.

Rewards for completing the application

Search in the game
The Salazar family received the spines after completing the petition’s indignity (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

You will get 4 Spinels by completing the Disgrace Of The Salazar Family merchant request in RE4 Remake. Spinels are an important form of currency that is quite rare to obtain and can be traded for some cool items at the merchant in RE4.

Search in the game
Trading with Merchants using Spinels (Image courtesy of eXputer)

The merchant has some valuable items, including special guns, that you can only buy using Spinels in Re4.

  • If you are short on money, you can buy treasure items and sell them back to the PTA.
  • Treasure maps can be purchased, which show the location of all treasure items on a map.
  • The Matilda and Punisher are the two guns that can only be purchased additionally with Spinels.
  • Some weapon attachments, such as the high-powered scope or Red9’s stock, can only be obtained by trading Spinels with a merchant.

As you can see, Spinels have a variety of uses, so completing the application is definitely worth it!


Resident Evil 4 Remake redefines what it’s like to be a third-person shooter with its gameplay mechanics and well-designed guns like the Stryker Shotgun, Broken Butterfly, Killer7, and CBQR Assault Rife. There’s even an unlimited rocket launcher you can unlock. The boss fights in RE4 Remake are also really challenging and much better than the original game. New mechanics like parrying make the remake more fun than the original.

This concludes our guide on how you can complete RE4 Remake’s infamous Salazar Family Merchant request. We’ve included everything you need to know about the application and how to complete it effectively. The rewards for completing the application are also mentioned in detail. We hope the guide was helpful in completing the side quest in Chapter 12. Let us know what you think of Resident Evil 4 Remake in the comments below!


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