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There are four shotguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake and each one is perfect for blowing Plagas’ brains out. The answer to the question of the best shotgun RE4 remake is not easy as all four weapons offer dynamic playstyles for Leon. We’ve ranked all the shotguns based on stats, upgrade costs, pros and cons, and the overall playstyle they offer.

Key takeaways

  • is a remake of RE4. 4 shotgunseach excelling in a specific category.
  • While all four shotguns are included in the best RE4 Remake weapons list, here’s a breakdown of which shotguns perform best:
    1. riot gun: High power and accuracy make it ideal for accurately targeting and dealing with tough enemies.
    2. Striker: Exceptional speed and ammo capacity allow for rapid fire damage and sustained combat.
    3. W-870: A reliable early game weapon with balanced performance and affordable upgrades.
    4. Skull Shaker: A compact seed-off shotgun is perfect for dealing mass damage in close quarter combat.

Comparison table

The following table reflects the level 5 upgrade stats for all four shotguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

weapon power Ammo capacity Reload speed Firing speed
riot gun 19.2 12 6 1.1
Striker 16.2 24 6 1.57
W-870 10.1 10 3 0.85
Skull Shaker 9.07 6 6 0.96

riot gun

Right Gun Gameplay
Right Gun Gameplay (Image Credit Executor)

The Riot Shotgun is easily the best shotgun RE4 remake under the semi-automatic category, offering superior power and accuracy. This weapon becomes essential when facing Chainsaw Ganados and other dangerous enemies.

Weapon stats

State Level 1 Level 5
power 6.4 19.2
Ammo capacity 7 12
Reload speed 1 6
Firing speed 0.75 1.1

How to get

To obtain the Riot Shotgun, players must go to Chapter 6 and purchase it from the merchant for 28,000 Pesetas. This is the second shotgun available in the village after the W-870.


  • High strength and health
  • Versatile for both long-range and one-on-one fights
  • Tight spread for accurate targets
  • Less expensive upgrades than the Stryker

Cons of

  • An increase in the size of the attach case may be required
  • Can be easily missed if not covered in Chapter 6.

Use the best weapons

re4 riot gun
The Right Gun (Photo courtesy of us)

When I find myself inside. Narrow corridors Or the limited-cover areas in the Resident Evil 4 remake, The Right Gun is Shotgun Mary Go to selection. This is because the shotgun allows me to finish off enemies with a tight spread, reducing the risk of suicidal damage. One thing I particularly appreciate about the Wright Shotgun is its caliber. Take it down Powerful enemies like Chainsaw Ganados. With its impressive firepower, it’s a great choice for boss battles, giving me the confidence I need to take on even the toughest opponents.

And when I upgrade the Riot Shotgun in RE4 Remake, it becomes an unstoppable force, capable of dispatching multiple enemies with a single shell. For me, it’s a worthwhile investment that pays off over and over again.


Stryker (Image credit extractor)

The Stryker Shotgun is a powerful and fast-firing weapon in the Resident Evil 4 remake, known for its unique special perk and high ammo capacity. While it may not be the best shotgun RE4 remake, it still has excellent speed and a special perk that makes it extremely effective in certain situations.

Weapon stats

State Level 1 Level 5
power 9 16.2
Ammo capacity 12 24
Reload speed 1 6
Firing speed 1.13 1.57

How to unlock

To unlock the striker shotgun, players must advance. Chapter 10 And locate the merchant, who will sell the weapon for 38,000 Ptas.


  • Fastest Shotgun in RE4 Remake
  • High ammo capacity, especially with the special perk
  • Effective against bosses like Verdugo and high health enemies

Cons of

  • The weakest shotgun when considering the advantages of other shotguns
  • Least accurate of all shotguns

Use the best weapons


As a returning Resident Evil 4 player, I absolutely love using the Stryker Shotgun in situations where Speed ​​and ammo are important. It’s an absolute powerhouse during boss fights and encounters with high-health enemies, thanks to its speedy abilities that allow me to deal critical damage instantly.

But what I believe really sets the striker shotgun apart is the. Special advantage of doubling its ammo capacity. This means I can focus on combat without worrying about running out of ammo, which is incredibly valuable in fast-paced gameplay.


re4 remake skullshaker vs w870
Leon is using W-870 and Skullshaker.

The W-870 Shotgun is the perfect RE4 Remake shotgun for early playtime, offering balanced performance and relatively low upgrade costs. Although its firepower is weaker than other shotguns, it remains a reliable choice throughout the game.

Weapon stats

State Level 1 Level 5
power 5.6 10.1
Ammo capacity 5 10
Reload speed 0.6 3.0
Firing speed 0.45 0.85

How to get

To obtain the W-870 Shotgun, players must reach the Village Square in Chapter 1. They should take the left path, bypass the stealthy group, enter the house to the north near the church, and barricade the door. The shotgun can be found in a glass case mounted on the wall on the second floor.


  • Affordable upgrade costs
  • Available early in the game.
  • Can be sold and repurchased.

Cons of

  • Weak firepower compared to other shotguns
  • There are no attachment options.

Best use of W-870


As an early game weapon, I find that the W-870 shotgun is best used. Close combat and crowd control situations. It’s a great choice for dealing with early game enemies and mobs in RE4 Remake, and is one of the first weapons you get in the game.

What I particularly appreciate about the W-870 shotgun is the Affordable and balanced performance. It’s not the most powerful weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake, but it gets the job done and is suitable for long-term use. This means I can invest in upgrades without breaking the bank. [Leon’s Ptas]which is always a plus.

Skull Shaker

Skull shaker RE4 Rebuild the best shotgun

The Skullshaker Shotgun, exclusive to the Resident Evil 4 remake, is a compact, powerful seed-off shotgun available through DLC purchases. This weapon, roughly the size of a hand cannon, excels in close-range combat, dealing high damage and a unique firing animation.

Weapon stats

State Level 1 Level 5
power 5.4 9.07
Ammo capacity 2 6
Reload speed 1 6
Firing speed 0.49 0.96

How to get

To get Skullshaker, players must purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game or purchase it individually from the Digital Store. After getting the gun, head to the nearby typewriter to transfer it from storage to your inventory.


  • Compact size for easy inventory management
  • High damage output at close range
  • Unique firing animation.

Cons of

  • Limited magazine size
  • Must purchase as DLC.
  • Better performed by later sporting shotguns.

The best use of Skullshaker

Skull Shaker Stats

Since I am a returning RE4 player and the Skull Shaker is a new weapon in the remake version of the game, I find that the Skull Shaker Shotgun is best used in close combat situations. This is because in these situations I need to deal a lot of damage to nearby enemies. of the weapon A wide range of firing patterns Incredibly effective at quickly eliminating threats at close range.

When I upgrade. Skullshaker’s magazine size and power, this further enhances his performance and makes him even more lethal in combat. However, I know that other shotguns can outperform it in the later stages of the game, especially when facing tough enemies with high health.

But despite its limitations, I still consider the Skullshaker Shotgun to be a valuable addition to my arsenal, especially when dealing with groups of weaker enemies. Her ability to quickly dispatch multiple targets at close range is incredibly satisfying and makes me feel like a true powerhouse in RE4 Remake.

What is the best shotgun in RE4 remake?

Now that you know the overall performance of the best shotgun RE4 remake, here it is. of eXputer Which shotgun is the best in each category?

Best for Power and Accuracy: Right Gun

The Riot Gun specializes in delivering high power and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for players who prioritize accuracy and damage output. With its tight spread, this shotgun is versatile for both long-range and one-on-one combat. The Riot Gun is particularly effective against powerful enemies like the Chainsaw Ganados and shines in boss battles, providing the firepower necessary to take on the toughest opponents.

Best for speed and ammo capacity: Striker

The Stryker Shotgun is known for its speed and high ammo capacity, making it the fastest shotgun in the Resident Evil 4 remake. This weapon is perfect for situations where rapid fire and abundant ammunition are necessary, such as boss battles and encounters with high-health enemies. The special advantage of doubling the ammo capacity of the striker allows players to focus on the fight without worrying about running out of ammunition.

Best Early Game Shotgun: W-870

As an early game weapon, the W-870 shotgun offers balanced performance and relatively low upgrade costs. It is a reliable choice for close combat and crowd control situations, especially against early game enemies and mobs. The W-870’s affordability and balanced performance make it a solid investment for players in the early stages of the game.

Best for close quarters combat: Skullshaker

The Skullshaker Shotgun is a compact, powerful sawed-off shotgun that excels in close combat. Its wide firing pattern is incredibly effective at quickly eliminating close range threats. Upgrading the size and power of the Skull Shaker’s magazine further increases its performance, making it even more lethal in combat. While it may outperform other shotguns in later stages, the Skullshaker is a valuable addition to any arsenal when dealing with groups of weaker enemies.


This brings us to the end of the best shotgun RE4 remake guide where we have ranked all four weapons that you can experience in the game.


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