Razer’s Stream Controller X is now available to rival the Elegato at a $150 price point.


Razer Stream Controller X on a well-lit desktop

Streaming decks are quite popular, especially among their target audience. While most people are familiar with Elgato as a major player in this market, Roger is trying to get a piece of that pie as well. The firm has now launched the StreamController X, its latest streaming deck.

If you’re wondering why StreamController X looks so familiar in the header of this article, here’s why. It bears an uncanny resemblance to Elgato’s popular Stream Deck, but one could also argue that there isn’t enough room for innovation with such a niche device anyway.

The Stream Controller X has 15 LCD switchblade keys and a replaceable faceplate. It’s powered by LoopDeck, just like its predecessor, StreamController (which was actually just a white-labeled version of LoopDeck Live). With Stream Controller X, streamers can program multiple actions at the press of a button using the customizable Action Editor. These actions can be configured to trigger sequentially or simultaneously.

The deck is also compatible with “leading” streaming tools such as Twitch, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. As a bonus, these tools come with a ready-made profile so you don’t need to create one manually. Alternatively, you can also enable Dynamic Mode, which can create custom profiles for different tasks and automatically switch between them based on the currently open program.

Razer’s Stream Controller is the X. Available now with a price tag of $150.. Notably, this is the same price point that Elgato’s Stream Deck is targeting.

through: Engadget


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