Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Game Super Resolution tech will boost frame rates and more.


Snapdragon Game Super Resolution

Qualcomm wants to help Android game developers maximize the resolution and frame rate of these titles, while also helping to extend the battery life of Android phones. Today, Qualcomm officially announced Snapdragon Game Super Resolution, which should be a big boost in graphics for high-end Android games.

Qualcomm’s press release states:

Snapdragon GSR is a single-pass spatial upscaling technique optimized for Snapdragon Adreno graphics processing units (GPUs). It uses range-aware dynamic scaling with customization for the Adreno GPU pipeline, providing high graphics quality and power savings. In general, Snapdragon GSR has a two-fold improvement in performance compared to other mobile upscaling solutions.

Since it uses only one-pass upscaling method, Snapdragon Game Super Resolution boosts the performance as well as extends the battery life of the device. Qualcomm says that games using this method on Snapdragon chips will upscale 1080p resolution games to 4K, while increasing frame rates from 30fps to 60fps.

Farming Simulator 23 Mobile

Qualcomm says that many games are in the works that will support Snapdragon Game Super Resolution technology. These include the popular Activision. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Sports, as well The Jade Dynasty: The New Fantasy, Return to the Empire., Justice Mobile, Naraka Mobileand even Farming Simulator 23 Mobile.


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