Punishing Gray Raven Tier List [2023]


Punishing Gray Raven is a mobile RPG game that uses Gacha mechanics to obtain various characters. Currently, the game includes 38 characters ranked in the Punishing Gray Raven tier list. The game includes various DPS, Tank, Healers, and Support characters, and more characters are added with new updates. 

Key Highlights

  • Punishing Gray Raven consists of 38 characters consisting of DPS, Tanks, Healers, and Support.
  • Liv-Luminance and 9S are the best healers in Punishing Gray Raven.
  • Lucia-Crimson Abyss and Lee Entropy are great at damage dealing.
  • Changyu-Qilin is the best tank in the game.
  • Liv-Empryea is the best damage amplifier.
  • The constructs are ranked according to their skills and abilities.

Below is the summary table of all the ranked constructs in our PGR tier list.

Tiers Characters
S Liv-Luminance, Bianca-Veritas, Liv-Empyrea, Lucia-Crimson Abyss, Lee-Entropy, Karenina-Ember, Roland – Flambeau, Lucia-Plume, Qu-Pavo, Rosetta-Rigor, Vera-Rozen, Changyu-Qilin, 9S
A Wanshi-Hypnos, Bianca-Zero, Karenina-Blast, Nanami Storm, 2B, Kamui-Bastion, Luna-Laurel, Ayla-Brilliance, A2
B Kamui-Tenebrion, Chrome-Glory, Lee-Palefire, Watanabe-Astral, Nanami-Pulse, Liv-Lux, Sophia-Silverfang, Vera-Garnet, Chrome-Arclight, Selena-Tempest
C No.21-XXI, Watanabe-Nightblade, Lucia-Dawn, Lucia-Lotus, Liv-Eclipse


PGR tier list

These are the best constructs in Punshing Gray Raven, and they should be prioritized when building your team.


Liv is one of the best support characters in Punishing Gray Raven. She can provide healing to your teammates and can also reduce the damage taken by them. Liv can make your team more formidable as they can last longer in combat with her healing and damage reduction skills.

Liv can also inflict good physical damage on enemies. Moreover, she can provide a shield to your allies. Her orb skills have decent utilization and can inflict physical damage effectively. Liv’s leadership skills can increase the Hp of all allies, making them more formidable. 


Bianca is one of the most overpowered characters in Punishing Gray Raven, and She can inflict a large amount of physical and lightning damage. Furthermore, she is capable of damaging multiple enemies over an area. Furthermore, She can enter a sniper mode that can shoot an arrow to hit an enemy from a distance. 

Liv is an excellent attack amplifier in addition to her own damage-dealing skills. Her orb, Qte, and signature skills can dish out a lot of Physical and Fire damage. 

Lucia-Crimson Abyss

Lucia’s attacking skills are impressive as the attack increases gradually with each hit as she attacks in five sword styles. Her attacks and orb skills can inflict a large amount of physical damage. Lucia’s signature move can be deadly as it can inflict 2600% physical damage to the enemies. 

Lucia can go into Blade will mode, which can further increase the damage dealt. During the blade will mode, your orb skills will be turned into blade orb skills. When you use these blade orb skills, Lucia will inflict a lot of damage and would also provide you with super armor. 


Lee is excellent at shooting, and he is known for his combo attacks. His skill combos are powerful and can inflict immense physical damage. His signature skill can inflict 400% physical damage with every shot. He can take enemies down easily with his rapid-firing capabilities, making him one of the best constructs in Punishing Gray Raven.


She is one of the most powerful characters in Punishing Gray Raven. Her signature move can inflict a lot of fire damage hitting multiple enemies. Karenina can be utilized as a great DPS with the use of her other various skills capable of destroying your opponents with physical and fire damage.

Roland is an excellent DPS that can deal great damage with the use of his combos. His signature move will have him enter the Apex of Trickery state, which would grant him an incinerating orb to inflict a lot of fire damage.


Lucia can inflict great physical and Ice damage. Her highly damaging signature and QTE skills make her one of the strongest units in the game. Furthermore, her orb skills are not to be taken lightly. She can switch into two forms, namely arctic and normal forms.


Qu is an excellent physical DPS that can summon her pet to inflict great damage. When she is in her concentrated will state, her signature skill can inflict 2240% physical damage. Her orb skills can also grant her super armor during combat.

Rosetta is a great physical DPS that can also reduce the enemies’ physical resistance dealing a lot of damage. Her signature skill can inflict 2480% physical damage over a large area. Her Qte and orb skills are impressive and crush an opponent. 


Vera is a great damage dealer that can use both physical and dark attacks. Furthermore, her healing skills are amazing, making her a versatile unit. She has a shorter cooldown for her signature skills that would allow you to inflict great damage continuously.


She is a great tank who can reduce the opponent’s movement speed significantly. Her signature skill can boost her defense. She can inflict great damage with her signature and QTE skills. 


9S is an excellent healer whose QTE skill can restore 50% of 9S Hp’s health to an ally. 9S is also an excellent damage dealer and can inflict a lot of damage with his signature and orb skills. 


Pgr best constructs

These constructs are second to none, and they can perform well in your team.


Wanshi can heal multiple enemies at once by 100% of his attack stat, making him one of the best healers in Punishing Gray Raven. He can also inflict good ice and physical damage. Wanshi’s orb skill would allow him to go invisible.


Bianca is a good damage dealer and can inflict a great amount of physical damage. Her attack style can launch nine arrows that inflict 580% total physical damage when they hit an opponent rapidly. Her signature move can recharge quickly and costs less energy. The signature move can hit an opponent with a rain of arrows, each inflicting good damage on impact.


She can inflict a good amount of physical damage and decent fire damage to the enemies. She is known for her continuous attacks that can crush enemies. Her QTE skill will allow her to launch a projectile that can inflict good damage on impact.

Karenina’s leadership skills can increase the attack of allies if they belong to different classes. Her Core skill would allow her to enter into burst mode, making her more lethal. During burst mode, you can launch cannon shots that inflict much more damage than regular shots.

Nanami Storm

Nanami Storm is a decent damage dealer, along with her tank and her support capabilities. She can deploy a shield for your allies to keep them safe from the enemy’s attacks. Furthermore, she can also boost the defense of your allies. She can increase her physical resistance and reduce damage taken by enemies.


2B is a great DPS in the Punishing Gray Raven tier list. She can inflict a lot of physical damage using her orb, signature, and QTE skills. She has the ability to deal continuous damage to enemies. 


Kamui can inflict good physical damage in addition to his tanking capabilities. He can shield himself to stand formidable against enemies’ strong attacks. He can reduce the extra damage dealt by the enemies by 20%. His QTE can also weaken the enemy to inflict more physical damage.


Luna is a versatile unit capable of inflicting immense damage in her annihilation state. She is capable of inflicting both physical and dark damage on enemies. 


Ayla is an excellent tank that also has great damage-dealing capabilities. She can deploy a shield and reduce enemies’ damage significantly. Her orb and signature skills can inflict good damage. Her Qte skill can also reduce the enemies’ defense to give you further advantage. 


She is a great tank who can reduce a lot of damage taken by using Pod: shield. Furthermore, she can also decrease the opponent’s defenses. A2’s signature move can allow her to enter Berserk mode, where her potential is increased greatly.


punishing gray raven best characters

While these constructs are not as great as the upper tiers in our Punishing Gray Raven tier list, they can still do well in your team. 


Kamui is a good tank that can reduce the damage taken with his skills. He can use dark and physical damage. Alongside his tanking capabilities, Kamui can also inflict decent dark and physical damage. Kamui can also switch between his attack forms, and his dark mode decreases the damage received, further boosting his capabilities as a tank.


Chrome is an excellent tank whose Glorious shield can nullify attacks and reduce the speed of opponents during condensed frost mode. He can also inflict decent ice and physical damage. 


Lee Palefire is a good DPS character that can inflict both physical and fire damage. He can be a great character for rookies, as his combo attacks are easier to land. Lee’s firing and shooting techniques can allow him to inflict great damaging combos. 


Watanabe is well known for his agility, and this would allow him to doge many enemy attacks. Furthermore, he can inflict both dark and physical damage. His signature skill can inflict 600% dark damage per hit. He is a versatile unit with good utilization against enemies. 


Nanami uses her chainsaw to inflict damage. She can inflict both physical and fire damage. Furthermore, her QTE skill can allow her to reduce the fire resistance of her enemies. She can also increase the fire and physical resistance of all allies. 

If you use her when she is SSS rank, she can gain super armor that can further increase her tanking capabilities. She can gain more resistance to fire and physical damage. 


Liv is a decent damage dealer specializing in physical and lightning damage skills. She can boost the allies’ HP and attack by 5% with her leadership skill and is a decent damage dealer overall.


While Sofia is a weaker character when it comes to damage dealing, she can be a good source of healing for the team. Her SSS rank passive skill can heal the same character five times which can prove to be handy while you are in a pinch.


Vera is a good tank that can inflict decent physical and lightning damage. She can employ a shield, reduce enemies’ resistance and increase the allies’ lightning attacks. She is a great tank in our Punishing Gray Raven constructs tier list.


Chrome can be a good support and tank. He can increase your team’s defense while lowering the enemies’ damage. He can also be used as a sub-Dps due to his decent physical and lightning-damage capabilities. 


Selena is a decent damage dealer that can inflict physical and lightning damage to enemies. Her signature move is versatile and can increase her movement and reduce enemies’ damage. 


punishing gray raven tier list

These constructs are average and are mostly limited to the early game. 


Watanabe can inflict decent damage with his abilities; however, his damage does not build up with hits and tend to inflict good total damage with one hit. He can be harder to utilize due to the lack of combo attacks. 


Her damage-dealing skills are mediocre, considering she is an A-class unit. Her QTE skill can inflict decent both physical and lightning damage.


Lucia is overall a weak damage dealer that can inflict both physical and fire damage. She can be utilized well during the early game.


Liv is an early-game healer, and She can inflict decent damage considering she is a B-class unit. However, she can not perform that well during late games.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about our Punishing Gray Raven tier list. The tier list was written after extensive research into the abilities of each character. Furthermore, the player’s experience and the construct’s battlefield performance were also considered.

We have ranked all constructs in Punishing Gray Raven depending on their skills, abilities, and overall damage output. Characters that dish out a lot of damage alongside their healing and support skills are ranked higher than low-damaging characters.


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