Pre-orders for Fire Emblem Awakening topped the Amazon charts worldwide.


  • Fire Emblem Engage pre-orders topped the Amazon charts in the US, Japan and France.
  • The game is also in the top 10 in European countries like Spain, Germany and Holland.
  • Performance has been sluggish in the UK and Italy, ranking #26 and #16 respectively.

Nintendo 2023 is a big year ahead with a number of first-party titles releasing. One of these games is a tactical RPG. Fire Emblem EngageWhich is the first mainline entry in the series after 4 years. The game is set to launch in 2023 for Nintendo, and it looks like it’s going to come out with a bang.

Hype for Fire Emblem Engage is going through the roof, especially with technological advancements like improved load times. And pre-orders for the upcoming game back up with it. RPG Rule the chart.

Fire Emblem Engage has. Number 1 in place Amazon Bestseller Charts Dominating the charts in the US, Japan and France and across Europe.

Pier 485 The performance was first reported to the public on Twitter. The Nintendo RPG is coming out next week, and the tweet tells us it’s going to make waves. In major gaming markets, Fire Emblem Engage is in it. Top 10 In at least 6 countries.

As you can see below, the Three Houses sequel topped the charts in the two biggest markets. It is currently number 1 in both. Japan And United States of America. So, the massive demand for Fire Emblem Engage will likely lead to franchise record setting.

Moved to a different continent, the title is doing well on Amazon. Europe pre-order charts Also has RPG. Number 1 the site FranceIt continues its performance from America and Japan. Considering the Nintendo Switch’s broken records in France, this isn’t all that surprising to see.

When we go to other European countries, the Fire Emblem angรฉ drops down a bit. I Spainis on the game Number 2 And performs competently. Germany with Number 6 Ranking on the chart. Performed similarly in the game The Netherlands with Number 7 position, another top 10 position in the continent.

However, the game fell surprisingly short United Kingdom. Pre-orders for Fire Emblem Engage Rank Number 26 In the UK Amazon charts, showing a steep decline. Likewise, Italy isn’t showing RPGs as much love as it is. Number 16 in the country’s Amazon charts.

Fire Emblem Engage US Amazon
The game is currently the best-selling video game on US Amazon and is only beaten by gift cards.

Overall, demand for Fire Emblem Engage looks really good in major markets. But, its performance in the UK, a major Switch market, is a bit worrying to watch. The game may revive itself closer to release, but only time will tell.

The performance of Ingej has also been beaten. Three houses In the pre-order department. According to the aggregator, the 2019 title is on the rankings. Number 2 peaked on the US Amazon charts. It was just backwards. Crazy At this point, but Fire Emblem Ange is showing more potential than the prequel.

Many are expecting record numbers from this new mainline entry in the franchise. North of the data 5 million Lifetime sales are being discussed, which would be a new high for the series. But, we’ll truly know when Fire Emblem Engage releases.

However, it won’t be long until an RPG comes out. January 20, 2023, in just 5 days. Obviously, only Nintendo Switch Consoles will receive Fire Emblem Engagement on this release date. Hopefully the game will live up to the expectations of the fans and perform really well.

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