PowerToys may soon make launching utilities easier with a built-in launcher.


A modified PowerToys logo with a glass-like fill and Windows 11 wallpaper background.

Microsoft and the open source community are working on adding new features to PowerToys. Future updates may eventually add an option suggested nearly three years ago — the ability to launch utilities using the PowerToes Run Launcher.

PowerToys Run is a search bar-like launcher that lets you search for files, perform calculations, execute commands, navigate the registry, change units, and more. Just press Alt + Space (default shortcut) and start typing your request. Unfortunately, as of yet, PowerToys Run does not support launching other PowerToys utilities, which gradually becomes a problem as the number of tools continues to grow with each major update. An upcoming PowerToes Run update may fix this soon (via Desk Modder).

A screenshot of the PowerToes Run Launcher showing PT Utilities.

As suggested by @davidegiacometti On GitHub, an updated PowerToys Run lets you type in the name of the tool you want to search for, plus get a list of running utilities with quick shortcuts to their respective settings sections. According to Draft Published on PowerToys’ GitHub repository, the project still needs some work, so don’t expect it to arrive tomorrow.

In case you missed it, the latest PowerToys update added a brand new Registry Preview utility. It allows viewing and editing complex Windows registry files, making the registry less scary and more convenient. You can learn more about the release in our dedicated coverage.


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