PowerToys 0.69 is out with a new Registry Preview utility, and a bunch of fixes


Steven Parker
CEO – Newwin.net

Apr 6, 2023 14:48 EDT

An illustration with the PowerToys logo

For those using PowerToys on Windows 10 and 11, it’s update time. Version 0.69.0 is now available for download with several fixes, improvements and a new utility. Registry Preview lets you preview and edit registry files without using applications like Notepad.

This release also includes a number of fixes which are listed below.

Here are the highlights of the update:


  • New utility: Registry Preview is a utility for viewing and editing Windows registry files. Thanks @randyrants!

  • Support per-user scope installation.

  • Awake: Improved quality of life and introduced a system to keep awake until expiration time and date. Thanks @dend!

  • PowerToes Run: Fix crash issue caused by thumbnail image loading.

Initial screenshot of the PowerToys Registry Preview tool

And here’s your in-depth transformation with improvements and changes to existing toys:


  • New utility: Registry preview. Thanks @randyrants!

  • Fix issue with folders not being removed on uninstall.

  • Support per-user scope installation.

wake up

Choose a color

Fancy zones

File locksmith

Mouse Utilities

  • Mouse Jump – Emulate mouse input event on mouse jump in addition to cursor movement.

  • Mouse Jump – Improve performance of screenshot generation. Thanks @mikeclayton!

Paste as plain text.

  • Support Ctrl+V as activation shortcut. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Press the modifier keys after simple paste. (This was a hotfix for 0.67) Thanks @UnderKoen!

  • Set the default shortcut to Ctrl+Win+Alt+V. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Update icons. Thanks @niels9001!

Power Name

  • Show PowerRename in the background context menu of the directory.

  • Fix crash when clicking the Select/Deselect All checkbox, showing only the files to be renamed.

  • Improve performance when populating rename items when many items are being renamed.

Power ties run

  • Add setting to disable thumbnail generation for files. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Calculator Plugin – Handle implicit multiplication expressions. Thanks @jjavierdguezas!

  • Fix calculator plugin unit test to respect decimal separator location. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

  • Fix crashing caused by thumbnail image loading.

  • Date and Time Plugin – Add a date and time format to match the filename. Thanks @Picazsoo!

  • Improved the error message displayed on plugin loading errors. Thanks @htcfreek!

Immediate accent

Registry preview

  • Added a new utility: Registry Preview.

  • Thanks @htcfreek! To help deliver this utility!

  • Thanks @niels9001 For help on the UI!

Video conference mute

  • Add toolbar DPI scaling support.

  • Fix selecting the overlay image when the Settings app is running elevated.

  • Add push-to-talk (and push-to-reverse) feature. Thanks @pajawojciech!


  • Fix experiment bitmap icon rendering on theme change and bump CommunityToolkit.Labs.WinUI.SettingsControls package version. Thanks @niels9001!

  • Improvements to the video conference mute page. Thanks @Jay-o-way!

  • Add warning that PowerToys Run may have no focus if the “Use centralized keyboard hook” setting is enabled. Thanks @Aaron Juncker!

  • Fix shortcut control issues related to keyboard input focus, theme change and missing error badge when wrong key is pressed. Thanks @htcfreek!

  • Add warning when Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shift+V are used as activation shortcuts for pasting as plain text. Thanks @htcfreek!



  • Ignore the spell check for the MouseJumpUI/MainForm.resx file. (This was a hotfix for 0.67)

  • Improve the versionAndSignCheck.ps1 script. Thanks @snickler!

  • NetAnalyzers was upgraded to 7.0.1. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

  • Move all DLL imports to the NativeMethods.cs file in the Settings project.

  • Fix build issues with FancyZones tools. Thanks @Aaron Juncker!

  • The centralize logger is used in C# projects. Thanks @Aaron Juncker!

  • Add missing project references. Thanks @ACGNnsj!

You can download from PowerToys. Microsoft Storewinget, or its stock on GitHub.

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