Power BI Desktop is now supported on Windows 365, unveiling new features.


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Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled a new Tabular Model Definition Language (TMDL) for Power BI to provide a more streamlined and human-readable way to process model metadata extracted by the Data Analytics service. Today, Redmond is the firm Unveiled feature summary. This month for Power BI Desktop.

For starters, the desktop variant of the data analytics platform is now fully supported on Windows 365 as well as Azure Virtual Desktop. There is also an update to the opt-in on object interaction feature that was released last month for the reporting module. Also, the aforementioned module received a new tooltip autoscale report setting, which allows tooltips to scale based on the size of the canvas.

In regards to features already available in general availability, composite models on Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services (formerly known as DirectQuery) are getting this treatment this time around. Capacity is beating GA for Premium, PPU, and Pro workspaces.

The full changelog for this month reads as follows:

  • Reporting
    • Dynamic format strings for actions
    • On-Object Interaction – Updates
    • New Tooltip Autoscale
  • Analytics
    • Update quick measurement tips.
  • Modeling
    • Comprehensive model on Power BI datasets and analysis services models
    • Updates to the ORDERBY function
    • New DAX functions: RANK and ROWNUMBER
  • Data connectivity
    • Oracle Database (Connector Update)
  • Service
    • New features in the deployment pipeline
      • View schema changes line by line
      • Select whether to continue the deployment in case of failure.
    • Storytelling in PowerPoint – New style option
    • Views are enabled by default in Power Apps with Power BI Instant Report.
  • Pagination reports
  • mobile
    • Improved tooltips on visuals in the Power BI mobile app
    • Hierarchies are now supported in the Power BI mobile app.
  • Concepts
    • Actress Reporting Suite 3.0 – Reporting
    • Box and whisker charts by MAQ software
    • Feature summary for Drilldown Graph PRO
    • Dual Card Visual

Latest version for Power BI Desktop Can be downloaded from here..


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