PlayStation 5 software sales in Japan to grow 35% in 2022 compared to 2021


when PlayStation 5 When it was announced, the hype around it was second to none. Everyone thought the console would break sales records and put up numbers never seen before in the gaming industry. However, no one could have predicted how supply issues and the pandemic affected its availability, making it a rare sight in retail.

It has been 2 years since its release and accordingly Sony, this supply restriction is now about to end. The company announced. CES even The shortage is over And the console is sold out. 30 million Now units. The effect seems to be showing as PlayStation 5 software sales are 35% higher in Japan in 2022 than in 2021.

Key takeaways

  • PlayStation 5 sold 35% more units in Japan in 2022 than in 2021.
  • The console also grew in market share, but is still No. 3 and below the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • Nintendo’s handheld dominates the Japanese software industry with an 89 percent market share.

Judith This news was conveyed to the public through a tweet on Twitter. website A niche constraint, which is a sales database for the Japanese gaming market, has created an annual sales chart for 2022. The data comes from the Japanese Video Games Sales Reporter. FamitsuWhich we all know about.

Niche Barrier mainly compiles data taken from weekly Famitsu charts and compiles year-end lists from it. When you compare the results of the annual chart. 2022 To 2021, an interesting piece of information arises. Playstation 5 sold. 35% More games last year than in 2021, showing a staggering increase.

Sony’s next-gen console sold out. 699k Software units in 2021, but has increased. 941k units in 2022. Therefore, the PlayStation 5 showed a substantial increase in video game sales even though there were supply issues for the console in 2022. With the product completely phased out in 2023, the future looks bright.

Overall Market share The PlayStation 5 is still lacking in the overall games market. was part of 3% In 2021, but it increased 4% Last year shows a small increase. However, it is less than the PlayStation 4.

It was one of the software purchases for Sony’s current-gen console. 13% market share In 2021, but it went down 7% In 2022 PlayStation 4 also sold fewer games with sales. 55 percent reduction As the console sold. 1.53 million Games in 2022 compared to 3.3 million In 2021 Hence, people might be gearing up to switch to the PlayStation 5 or go for the Japan-dominant console.

The Nintendo Switch stands head and shoulders above any other console in Japan. It was sold. 21 million Software units in 2022, which is a bit. 5 percent reduction From 22 million In 2021, but light years ahead of the competition. Nintendo is a handheld. Number 1 By a large margin in the software market.

PlayStation 5 software sales in Japan
PlayStation 5 software sales in Japan

In terms of market share, the Nintendo Switch is edging out the PlayStation 5 and its predecessor. It had one. 84% market share in 2021, and increased. 89% In 2022, proving a minor change has no effect on it. Therefore, the console is currently in complete control of the Japanese software gaming market.

Although the PlayStation 5 has finished last in the Japanese console software race, 2023 will likely be its biggest year without a hitch. It will need to do a lot to dethrone the Nintendo Switch, however, which shows no signs of stopping. With the Sony console moving units, it will be interesting to watch the battle next year.

Final Fantasy XVI is also coming out this year, and knowing its popularity in Japan, it’s sure to give the console’s software sales a lift. We can only hope for an abundance of PlayStation 5 next year as its lineup looks absolutely amazing. Do you think the PS5 could catch up to the Switch in Japan this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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