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Are you looking for Pixel piece the map? If so, we’re here to help with the Official Pixel Piece Map as seen on the Official Pixel Piece Trello Board.

Pixel Piece is a Roblox adventure game inspired by the popular anime and manga series One Piece. WorldUp Studios. In Pixel Peace, you can live the life of a pirateVenture the seas, complete challenges, quests, raids and challenges, And always level up your character in pursuit of Devil Fruits.

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Pixel piece map and locations

Below you will find the current pixel piece map:

Pixel piece map
Image source: Pixel Piece Trello

Here are all the current locations on Pixel Piece:

  • Pixel Peace Island (Level 0+)
    • Mobs: Bandits
    • Bosses: Bandit Boss
    • Items Available:
      • Classic cutlass
      • Classic katana
      • Pixel piece pose
      • Robot
      • Shells Town Log Pos
  • Shells Town (Level 15+)
    • Mobs: Starter Marines and Sword Marines
    • Officers: Ax Hand Morgan
    • Items Available:
      • Ax hand
      • Barati Log Pose
      • Caravel
      • Katana
      • Marine Cap
      • Metal jaw
      • Orange Town Log Pose
  • Orange Town (Level 35+)
    • Groups: Puggy Pirate
    • Officials: Kabaji and Paggi
    • Items Available:
      • Cutlass Kaba
      • Puggy Knives (WIP)
      • Cutlass Charlie (WIP)
      • Clown nose
      • Kaba scarf
      • Puggy scarf
      • Puggy hat
      • Nor
  • Vail Island
    • Special NPC: Haki Trainer
  • Syrup Village (Level 70+)
    • Mobs: Nooro Bandits, Strong Noordo Bandits
    • Bosses: Booster Bandit and Nuro Pirate
    • Trainers: Geppo Trainer and 1-Sword Style Trainer
    • Items Available:
      • Shark Park Log Pose
      • Nuro Claws
  • Shark Park (Level 110+)
    • Mobs: Orling bandits and a strong Orling boss
    • Officers: Korobar Boss and Orling Boss
    • Items Available:
  • Barati (Misk Island)
    • Special NPC: Black Leg Trainer
  • Arena Island (Misk Island): An island designated for PvP battles
  • Lost Island (Misk Island)
  • Central Port (Misk Island)
    • Special NPCs: Fruit Shop (Fruit Dealer)


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