Photorealistic FPS may come to non-record consoles, hint team.


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  • Unrecorded may be planned for multiple platforms, as indicated by the game’s official Discord server in the FAQ section.
  • It may release for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as the team is considering other platforms while the game is in development.
  • DRAMA is trying to reach as many players as possible, so we could see future entries on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus subscription service.
  • Unrecord is a photorealistic single player FPS by DRAMA that combines hyperrealistic visuals and realistic camerawork through the lens of a bodycam.

Unrecord is a photorealistic FPS by DRAMA that has taken the gaming industry by storm with its realistic visuals and captivating life-like features. While many users assumed that the game was only developed for the PC platform, it seems that the devs are already thinking about bringing the new FPS to other platforms. The news comes from him. Official Discord Server for the game, where the official FAQ section outlines future plans for the iconic title.

Unrecorded will be released on PC, and we are considering other platforms. We want to reach as many players as possible while providing a high-quality experience. Platform availability will be updated.”

At the time of writing, Unrecord is already available on the wishlist. steamThe feature 10,000 followers According to the steam tracking site, Steam DB. Regardless, other platforms also “ConsideredFull of expectations for a natural FPS project, except for console-only gamers. We will soon be able to enjoy the exciting project on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, for a fascinating and fun time where every shot feels real.

So, we can expect the platform availability to be updated as the game progresses in development. While no exact console has been mentioned, we can expect both to arrive in the future. As mentioned above, the team is trying to target “more players,So we could also see Unrecord arriving on subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, making it a more accessible and affordable option for console-only gamers.

Unrecord has become one of the most acclaimed titles of late due to its realistic approach to visuals and camera, which is why it is still shunned by some gamers who refuse to believe that This is a real project. Nevertheless, the title is indeed real and not just footage recorded in real life or AI-generated content as many gamers have assumed.

If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a single-player FPS shooter that combines hyper-realistic visuals and realistic camera work through the lens of a body cam. Unrecorded sees you play as a tactical police officer as you investigate the case from the perspective of a body camera. The title will require you to combine strategy and detective skills to solve a complex case, which feels like every shot fired can change the outcome of the mission.

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