PhoneLink for iOS on Windows 11 is now live worldwide.


John Callham


Apr 26, 2023 11:28 am EDT

PhoneLink for Windows 11 app with iPhone support

After testing the feature for the past few months in the Windows Insider program, Microsoft is now rolling out support for its PhoneLink app to support Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone.

Microsoft’s blog post stated:

Once enabled by a Windows 11 user, PhoneLink for iOS will offer basic iOS support for accessing calls, messages and contacts. This means if your phone is tapped during a presentation or focus time, you’ll receive notifications on your Windows PC and you can choose what action to take – all from your Windows. 11 is on PC. Need to access your iPhone photos on your PC? Our iCloud integration with Photos makes this a simple process — all within the Photos app in Windows 11.

The rollout process will take a few weeks to reach all Windows 11 users. You can check if PhoneLink is available for iOS updates by looking for the PhoneLink app in the Windows 11 taskbar. Microsoft has supported these types of features in PhoneLink for Android phone users for some time.

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