Perikarial has a message for Elon Musk about the Neuralink device.


Highlights of the story

  • Twitch streamer, Perrikaryal, devised a way to play Elden Ring with his mind.
  • He implanted an EEG machine into his brain and used his brain’s ability to control the game.
  • For his part, he asked Elon Musk, who is currently developing Neuralink, to modify it so that he doesn’t have to repeatedly inject saline solution into his head.

twitch streamer, Peri Karial, recently gained notoriety for playing an Alden ring using only his brain with the help of an EEG machine. Viewers were shocked to see him playing the game without a controller.

In his most recent series, he challenged Elon Musk to build Neuralink in such a way that he wouldn’t have to pour saline solution into his head and charge his device over and over again.

Earlier, Elon Musk tried to surprise the public with his announcement of the start of Neuralink trials on humans to develop implantable brain-computer interfaces.

On January 23, Twitch streamer Perrikaryal amazed the public with his ability to play Elden Ring using only his mind. He focused deeply and then ordered, “Attack,” to which the game character complied.

Media personality, Jake Lackey, shared the clip on his Twitter account and explained that Perry Karial uses an EEG machine and that different brain activity is tied to different commands in the game.

Her masters in psychology are a bonus to her creativity for using her mind to play games. Elon Musk was earlier in the news for a similar reason. He announced that his neurotechnology company, Neuralink, is about to begin human trials by implanting a brain-computer interface.

Perry Karial, in turn, asked Elon Musk to modify the Neuralink in a way that would save him the trouble of repeatedly adding saline solution and not having to charge the machine as often.

I don’t necessarily like the fact that I have to add saline and the fact that I have to charge it.

Then he addressed Elon Musk, saying,

If Elon Musk wants to build it (neurallink), you know, so we can play Alden Ring, that would be great.

Twitter users expressed mixed reactions to his request. With some rejoicing at the idea, many felt it would be a disaster.

One user appreciated this idea. Highlighting that this would be of great benefit to those who have lost their arms or fingers,

It’s actually amazing, imagine how many people have lost their arms or some fingers, and with the use of these types of things they will now be able to do many things in a computer/phone that they couldn’t do before. “

How about playing a game using only your brain? Share your thoughts in the comments section ahead.

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