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Today’s featured deal comes from us. Apps + Software section Of the Newen Deal’s Store, where for A limited time only You can Save 50% on a one-time purchase of PDF Expert: Lifetime License. This Apple Editors’ Choice winner will change the way you work and collaborate with documents.

PDFs are a great way to transfer documents, but they can’t be edited with standard Mac software. PDF Expert changes that, allowing you to edit PDF text, images, links and outlines quickly and easily. Typing in a contract? Easy fix. Need to rework an entire section of a document? No problem. PDF Expert provides a series of essential functions that will change the way you work with documents on your Mac. It recognizes text and OCR, edits, and fills forms. And with the AI-powered “Ehance” feature, it will fix distortions, remove shadows and improve contrast so even hard-to-read documents look great.


  • Change the text. Easily fix typos, update numbers, or add entire paragraphs.
  • Insert images. Update a logo in a contract or add a new graph to a report.
  • Add links. Enhance your PDF by linking to other pages or external websites


  • Highlight the important ones. Highlight the most valuable content at a glance.
  • Comment on the PDF. Add text to PDFs, insert pop-up notes and jot down your thoughts in the margins.
  • Add a stamp. Review documents with our stamp sets or create custom stamps for any workflow


  • Merge PDF. Combine multiple files into one PDF document.
  • Manage pages. Easily add, delete, rearrange or rotate PDF pages.
  • Distribute the PDF. Extract pages from PDF and save them as separate files.


  • Convert to PDF. Convert JPG, PNG, Word, PPT, and Excel to PDF.
  • PDF to Word. Convert PDFs to editable Word documents.
  • Image to PDF. Convert PDF to JPG or PNG images.
  • Excel to PDF. Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet.
  • PPT to PDF. Save PDFs as PowerPoint presentations.
  • PDF to text. Convert PDFs to editable TXT files.

fill up

  • Fill out the PDF form. Simply click on the PDF form and fill it.
  • Sign the documents. Add your signature to PDF in a few clicks. Let users sign documents with simple one-time signatures.
  • Edit the PDF. Blackout or erase confidential information from your documents.

Identify the text.

  • OCR text to PDF. Recognize text, so you can search, highlight and copy it
  • Optimize scans. Fix distortion, remove shadows and improve contrast.
  • Trim and divide pages. Split double-page scans into separate pages and remove unwanted margins.

Here’s the deal:

Oh PDF Expert One Time Purchase: Lifetime License Normally priced at $139.99, but you can pick it up. For a limited time only $69.99, That represents a savings of $70 (50% off). For full details, specs, and license information, click the link below.

Get PDF Expert for just $69.99.

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Although priced in USD, the deal is available for digital purchases worldwide.

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