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July 26, 2021

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9 hours of content on mobile game development, Python foundations, shader graphs and more

Today’s featured deal comes from us. Online courses Section of Niuven Deals Storewhere you can. Pay what you want for this hardcore game developer certification bundle.

pay Average Price or more to get the following items:

  1. Introduction to Mobile Game Development
    Learn how to detect touch inputs, create games for mobile, and more.
  2. Explore in-app purchases for mobile games.
    Explore Unity’s in-app purchasing service and learn how to add in-app purchases.
  3. Mobile game monetization with ads
    Start monetizing your Unity game projects by adding in-game ads.
  4. Build an AR block builder game
    Master cross-platform development with AR Foundation and Etihad
  5. Create a 2D idle clicker game.
    Create a 2D clicker and unite and build the popular growing style games
  6. Shader graphs for beginners
    Create shaders without the need for visual codes
  7. Create a mobile road crossing game
    Implement classic game mechanics for mobile by creating a road crossing game in Unity.
  8. Create your first 2D game in Unity
    Start your game development journey and create your first 2D platformer
  9. Basics of Python
    Learn the basics of Python for data science and machine learning.

Pay what you want. (as small as $1) For unlocked items:

  1. Basics of JavaScript
    Learn JavaScript for web and HTML5 game development.
Become a multi-platform professional.

Here’s the deal:

  • Represents the total retail value of the bundle. $1,990.
  • The full bundle is yet to be unlocked. Under $12 at the time of writing.
  • kill Average price And you will Take home the whole bundle.

Pay what you want for the GameDev Certification Bundle.

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