Our Final Part 1 v1.0.3.0 adds new audio compatibility options along with other fixes.


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  • The Last of Us Part 1 has received another major update on PC. The patch adds two new compatibility options while improving overall performance and stability.
  • After launching on PC last month to overwhelmingly negative reception, Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have continued their efforts to improve the state of the game on the platform.

A new patch for The Last of Us Part 1 is now live. PC. The update brings a wide range of new audio, UI, and visual fixes. Audio compatibility Options and various overall improvements. gave Patch notes Also advice Nvidia To ensure that users have installed the latest GeForce game ready drivers to avoid any random inconsistencies caused by outdated software.

A new one Output mode Added to the game. It allows players to adjust Which sounds are played by the OS native sound driver. Different settings can be selected if you experiment. Panic, missingor Unusually quiet Audio If players experience unusually quiet music or dialogue during cutscenes, for example, they can select this. local mode instead of Hybrid already decided

Our Final Part 1 v1.0.3 Patch Notes for PC
Our Final Part 1 v1.0.3 Patch Notes for PC

Apart from this, a latency feature has also been implemented. This allows you to adjust the delay period between requesting a sound effect and it playing. Higher latency improves the reliability of audio playback, especially on lower-spec CPUs. Players can adjust this value if they experience any hiccups with the sound such as distortion, clicks, etc.

High latency also solves problems with large buffer sizes and audio interfaces configured with some wireless headphones. The patch notes also state that the game will need to be restarted for these changes to take effect. Apart from these new additions, the new update aims to fix several bugs within the game and further enhance the overall performance.

Bugs and stability fixes The Last of Us Part 1 v1.0.3

First up are the updated controls. Keyboard and mouse An input scheme that will allow players to reassign the arrow keys. “Building Shaders %The user interface has also been updated for accurate progress tracking. Also, audio for End credits A number of factors are responsible for the recovery Crash Ironing is being done.

Moving on, the contradictions related to Structure criteria The target quality has been resolved in relation to the setting. Issues such as failure to render the player’s bag UI after switching Render scaleenemies T Posing When performing a sharp turn while holding them, the environment changes in response to the player character’s flashlight, and water reflections appear. damaged or Pixelated has been addressed.

Other issues related to specific features, modes, and regions have also been corrected. These include related errors. New Game+, Photo mode, Lakeside Resort, Bill’s Town, Bus Depot, Tommy’s DamAnd University. Several other issues involving various gameplay and technical inconsistencies have also been addressed.

Miscellaneous fixes in Patch v1.0.3 for PC
Miscellaneous fixes in Patch v1.0.3 for PC

Additionally, a bug that causes the environment to crash if AMD FSR 2 was enabled has been resolved. For Nvidia users, game crashes or similar issues Graphical corruption When the game is running. Ultra Settings crashes on loading. Save the listAnd DLSS Settings that have no effect on changes are ironed out. The level of detail for characters’ hair has also been improved. RTX 3070.

Finally, this patch also includes a number of miscellaneous fixes. Players will not be able to screen magnify with KBM controls. Also, localization issues for German And Simple/Traditional Chinese Languages ​​have been corrected. “Success Disorder”I am getting to know you” is also addressed in the Epic Games Store version, among other resolutions.

The Last of Us Part 1 Far from being in an acceptable state at the moment. However, his continued efforts to improve the situation are encouraging. The game is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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