OnePlus will launch a new PC accessory next month.


OnePlus 11, the company’s upcoming flagship phone, is set to launch globally on February 7. The Shenzhen tech firm has no plans to announce a “Pro” model on the same day, but it looks like OnePlus is planning to spring a surprise on it. Day by launching a new PC accessory.

OnePlus keyboard
An image of OnePlus’ first mechanical keyboard has leaked.

According to 91mobiles, OnePlus is planning to launch a mechanical keyboard alongside the OnePlus 11 in India on February 7. According to sources, it will simply be called “One Plus Keyboard”.

A leaked image of the rumored keyboard suggests that it won’t be a full-sized keyboard with no dedicated number pad, commonly referred to as tankless. The leaked image doesn’t give us a full look at the product, but it does show a white design with function, backspace, del, page up and page down keys, and a red button. The keyboard is compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux.

It’s no secret that OnePlus is working on its first mechanical keyboard. The company itself informed the world about it last December. But till today, we didn’t know when it might be official. However, the OnePlus keyboard will be launched in India first, though there are chances that the company will also launch it in global markets at a later date.

According to OnePlus, the keyboard is currently in a “rigorous testing phase”, with mass production starting in March-May. As OnePlus India website Highlights, the keyboard will have a “double gasket design” to ensure a superior typing experience. It is also suitable for working or gaming. Its “carefully crafted aluminum body” also guarantees “a silky smooth feel”. Other notable features include advanced, customizable features such as “hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware.”

Source and image: 91 Mobile


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