One Piece Odyssey sold over 60,000 retail copies during its first week in Japan.


  • One Piece Odyssey sold over 60,000 physical copies in Japan in its first week. It occupied second and third place on the PlayStation 4 and 5 sales charts, selling 35,123 and 26,879 copies respectively.
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet retained its number one spot and sold around 65,000 retail copies in Japan last week.
  • Minecraft came in at number 7 and sold over 11,000 copies last week. It has sold over 3 million physical copies in total to date.
  • The Nintendo Switch sold about 75,000 units, and the PlayStation 5 rolled out about 40,000 consoles. The PS5 has sold over 2.5 million units in Japan.

One Piece Odyssey is one of the most prominent games released recently that took the anime and gaming community by storm. The title also features an interesting semi-open world with turn-based combat that seems simple in premise but fun nonetheless. Despite some criticisms, it has been rated well by many critics and players.

Bandai Namco’s latest work was released on January 12th, and it seems that it has produced enough units for it to be a huge success in Japan and various other regions. Moreover, its retail-only copies have also proven to be a popular item in Japan, having already sold quite a few during its first week.

As reported. FamitsuOne Piece Odyssey is reportedly sold out. 60,000 physical copies After his debut in Japan alone. The sales charts are from January 9th to January 15th, which means that the title has sold a staggering amount in just three days since its major release last week.

Overall, it reached the second and third positions in the charts to achieve the sales figures of Victory. 62,002 total retail sales.

The second position is taken by the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which is huge. It sold 35,123 copies in Japan. On the other hand, the third position is held by the PlayStation 5 port, which overall 26,879 copies.

The PlayStation 4 version likely sold more because the last-gen console is readily available and used by most Japanese gamers, unlike the next-gen version.

The top spot in Japan’s sales charts for the past week is still held hostage by the popular Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which have been outselling each other. 64,799 retail copies; This number is two thousand more than One Piece Odyssey.

Total sales for the latest 9th generation Pokémon game have been collected. 4,695,052 retail copies has been sold since its historic launch. Additionally, it has consistently topped Japan’s physical sales charts for over two months since its release. The previous king was none other than Splatoon 3.

Fourth place was retained by Splatoon 3, which sold admirably. 22,094 physical copies Previous Week. Notably, Minecraft continues to top the chart at number seven. He sold 11,000 retail copies last week And the total is cumulative 3,008,474 retail units sold after its release.

In terms of hardware sales, the Nintendo Switch continued its momentum and edged out other contenders. Handheld 74,690 units were sold.Of which 44,147 amount. On the OLED model. Normal switch 17,957 units sold, While the light model rolled over. 12,586 copies.

PlayStation 5 is also sold out. 2.5 million units. Twenty PS5 models sold. 39468 consoles (Total 2,174,709 units), and the PS5 Digital Edition rollover 4645 units (Total 331,949 units).

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet dominated last year’s Japan sales chart by selling the most retail units. It remains to be seen if One Piece Odyssey can catch the huge figure by the end of 2023.

If you are thinking of buying One Piece Odyssey, watch this video:

What are your thoughts on the 60,000 retail copies of One Piece Odyssey in Japan? Do you think this game will be able to compete with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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