One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending and Finale [Explained]


Despite the game being non-canon for the main series, the ending of One Piece Odyssey manages to capture the hearts of many fans, surpassing most expectations and being one of the few best anime video game adaptations. The intriguing “what-if” narrative wraps up nicely at the end as the conflict between the characters can keep you on the edge of your seat, including various twists and turns.

[The article contains major story spoilers of One Piece Odyssey. Read at your discretion]

Key Highlights 🎮

  • The main story of One Piece Odyssey finally concludes with an ending that leaves fans jaw-dropping and wanting more of this side adventure.
  • After overcoming almost every obstacle in their path and regaining their powers, it turns out. Goodbye Betrayed not only the Strawhats but Lim as well.
  • Takes control of Adio. Divine breath Waford on the island, initially claiming to use it to bring his people back to the island.
  • It is revealed that Adio has a plan. Destroy the world To rebuild a new one in its context.
  • The Straw Hats face off against the Divine Breath, during which Luffy makes a last stand against Adio Climax.
  • gave The post-credits scene serves as a cryptic ending that leaves a few unanswered questions and possibly hints at a sequel or DLC for One Piece Odyssey.

The final boss battle

Odyssey Audio
Adio’s True Intentions Revealed (Image courtesy of us)

Adio approaches the Divine Breath, an ancient artifact that was once sealed due to its sheer power capable of destroying worlds. Adio’s The ultimate goal Using the divine breath is to bring about a new world after ending the existing one so that no one suffers again.

Lim also comes running to Adio, hoping that she will join him as he gives her a false sense of security, only to be stabbed in the back. He took out one of his revolvers and shot him. As she falls, Strouts confronts Adio and her true face, hoping she will understand his intentions. However, upon showing his true colors to Luffy and the gang, our Straw Watts captain launches himself into Adio, alas to no avail.

Adio uses the power of divine breath. Temporarily active All Strout, leaving behind any resistance they can face attacks. Lim took his last breath in Nami’s arms and with one last wish begged Luffy to help him at any cost. She turns into a cube, causing the Strats to rush to the beach to put Adio’s plans on hold once and for all.

First step

adio boss battle
Step 1 (Image taken by us)

During the first phase of the battle, you will encounter both Adio and Divine Breath, but apart from them, the latter will also appear. Two thunderstorms On the way to your party members. It is productive to take out these storms as soon as possible so that you can focus your attacks on the main boss of the fight.

The technique Letters like Robin, Brock and Zoro All will be valuable to use in combat as Thunderstorms, including Adio, will support. Type of power Stats, makes them vulnerable. Additional damage. Be sure to swap in the helicopter whenever necessary so he can fix any malfunctioning crew members in the field.

Adio Boss Fight One Piece Odyssey
Shroud of Rumble Frozen Glowing Sphere (photo courtesy of us)

Finally, Divine Breath will do a powerful AoE attack called. Thunder Shroud Frozen Which can cause a lot of damage to your party members. It will be pointed out. Large glowing circle On the ground near party members as well as with hints of mid-battle dialogue from nearby crew members, as shown in the image above. It is important that you prepare for this as Divine Breath will charge it for a full turn before it starts.

Second step

One Piece Odyssey Finished
Step 2 (Image taken by eXputer)

In the second phase you will basically face the Divine Breath in all its glory as it becomes more powerful than ever, having access to its own attacks. The fight will be relatively similar to the first stage, with the exception that you will need to weaken and destroy his barrier to deal his damage. Once the obstacle is removed, it will fall to the ground, finally allowing you to properly damage it. Two full turns.

Divine Breath must be dealt a total of three damage like this, but if you manage to deplete all of his HP within the phase where he is down on the ground you can end the fight very quickly. But don’t worry, as the divine revives itself after three cycles of breath, you should soon reach the point where it won’t regenerate its health after rising from the ground, so you’re sure to Can finish the fight without any effort.

The Ending Cutscene

One Piece Odyssey Finished
Luffy’s duel against Adio (Image via eXputer)

Luffy and his crew successfully defeat and stop Adio’s attack. But in the distance, Sunny is constantly being bombarded by enemy naval attacks. Luffy urges the rest of the crew to guard and protect the ship, leaving him alone to face Adio. One on one The war of two people.

The two characters engage in a clash of ideals when Luffy transforms into himself. Gear 4 Step to charge a powerful Adio and its lethal Kote Kote No Mi Devil Fruit abilities.. During the fight scenes, we also get a glimpse of Adio’s Waford-born friend, Pororoka, who stabs him in the back with a plan to poison him and sell him to the Marines. Instead, Puroroku was likely executed for a crime, of which he had incriminated himself.

Upon defeating Adio, Luffy and the crew will immediately see Lim reanimated and in human form, but with a slight twist, as is characteristic of this Lim. Red eyes. It turns out that she was the original Lim, and the one the Strouts met earlier was a copy.

Despite acknowledging his loss, Adio clings to his dreams and heads to Divine Breath to stop the Marines from bombarding the island. Heading towards the warships in the distance, Adio sees Luffy a Monument which holds the last remains of him and his people.

One Piece Odyssey Finished
End of the journey (Image credit: eXputer)

Once all is said and done, Luffy is able to resurrect the clone Limb that Straw Watts obtained by giving him the cube through the original at the beginning of the game. The self-proclaimed King of Pirates then gives him the memorable Adio they gave to each other in their final words as the game screen fades to black.

Several days pass after this turn of events, and Strout, along with the two Limbs, bid farewell to each other as the former continue their sailing expedition. New World in Grand Line To discover the legendary treasure of One Piece.

One Piece Odyssey Smoking
Smoker Meets Two Touches (Photo by eXputer)

We are also later shown that the Marines, including Vice Admiral Smoker, issue one. False report About Wafford without telling his superiors about the divine breath or the events of the two girls on the island. We are also given a brief glimpse at one. The unknown cube on the back of Sunny’s cargo hold before mysteriously disappearing.

The post-credits scene

One Piece Odyssey post credits
Post-credits scene (photo by eXputer)

After the credit roll, it is advised that you Don’t try to leave everything out.As the final moments of the One Piece Odyssey finale are far from over. After the credits, we’re shown a short cutscene showing the blue-eyed Lim writing down her adventure with the Strouts in a diary.

Another Lim is shown calling her out of the room, presumably telling her that there is someone else to meet besides them. The cutscene ends with the blue-eyed Lim smiling at the picture.

What happened to Adio?

A piece of audio
Adio’s Farewell (Image credit: eXputer)

As most of us know by now, after the game ended, Adio was last shown flying on Divine Breath to stop the naval battleships from destroying Waford Island. According to theories and what we can gather through the post-credits scene, Adio must have been Unknown personality That Lim smiled towards the end at that moment. But that’s all. Conjecture Since Strouts himself said that Adio would never leave Lim or the island.

Potential for a sequel

On the subject of the ending, for now, though, it’s unclear whether or not Bandai Namco will introduce a follow-up sequel to this side adventure. The plot of One Piece Odyssey is certainly not canon to any of the main series, but the game is easily one of the few best video game adaptations of the Shounen series. This raises the question for various fans as to whether or not we can expect another game in the Odyssey timeline.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll gladly keep you posted on any news about the game’s sequel because, as of now, No official news or source. Confirmation of any next follow-up episode.

wrap up

According to one Subreddit post, it has been confirmed that the game only featured the arcs leading up to the Dressrosa Saga, so fans caught up with the series up to that point can safely play the game without any spoilers. The game allows you to fully experience. “what if” scenarios in these arcs, exploring historical memories from the Strawhats Marineford Arch Monkey D. Luffy’s clash against Rob Lucy Enies Lobby Arch.

The characters in One Piece Odyssey are sure to entice any fan to pick up and play the game as the 3D animation showcases the abilities of each member of the Strawhat’s crew to perfection. There are different outfits you can equip for each character with pre-timescape versions of them, all of which are available in the Traveling Outfit Set DLC.

The game has usable exploration, but with a great sense of combat and storytelling, all briefly discussed in our review of One Piece Odyssey, but for now, though, that wraps up our endgame guide. Is. If you enjoyed reading the guide and have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments section below so we can help you out as soon as possible!


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