One Piece Odyssey Max Levels and Leveling Tips


Leveling up is an important part of any RPG or JRPG. Not only will you have access to better skills, but you’ll also be able to deal more damage to enemies. The same is the case with One Piece Odyssey. Knowing what the maximum level is. This will help you better gauge how close you are to maxing out your characters.

Key highlights

  • Although you will get success. Reaching level 70 for each characteras much as possible. Level is 99..
  • You can level up by completing. Main questions and supplementary questions.
  • Luffy’s Haki can find enemies at will Drop extra XP.
  • Bounties, farming in enemy spawn areas, and using XP buffs Can be useful for camp parties XP Farming.

What is the maximum level?

Maximum Level One Piece Odyssey
Maximum levels for all characters in One Piece Odyssey [image by eXputer]

In One Piece Odyssey you can get maximum levels for any of your characters. Level 99. After that, it stops, and any XP you might get from performing activities doesn’t go towards leveling up your character.

Leveling up in One Piece Odyssey unlocks all kinds of new skills and makes you more powerful. Your stats also increase automatically as you level up. However, after the level cap, this will not be the case. Furthermore, it is a feat to reach and go beyond. Level 70. This means that you will most likely unlock most of your character’s abilities by this level.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

Luffy upgrade
Leveling Luffy in One Piece Odyssey [screenshot by us]

If you need help or general guidance on how to level effectively in One Piece Odyssey, this section is for you. As mentioned, leveling is mostly a passive process in the game, and you’ll level up if you just complete the game. However, if you really want to maximize the amount of XP you earn per session, you should consider the following.

Complete secondary tasks during combat.

While participating in important battles, you may be assigned additional tasks, apart from eliminating the enemies in front of you. Completing them will give you bonus XP after the battle, which can sometimes, even. Double the total amount of XP That you will usually get.

gave Secondary objectives appear as alert messages. And flash on your screen. These bonus tasks can be anything from performing a specific AoE attack or finishing an enemy with a specific character. These can also be in the form of Dramatic scenes (or dramatic battles) as well, which have almost the same concept.

Luffy’s Hockey

Luffy’s Haki for XP farming [image by us]

Each character in One Piece Odyssey has some sort of unique ability that can help them outside of combat. For example, certain characters have the ability to find rare ingredients or sources of money. Luffy has. Observational hockey ability, which allows him to find rare enemies.

These rare enemies drop extra XP upon defeat. So, it’s worth using Luffy’s ability to find these enemies and use them to level up quickly. The only thing you have to be careful about is engaging enemies according to your level. Don’t engage enemies just because they have an extra XP drop because sometimes they can be much higher than your current level.

Party bonus

To reach the maximum level in Camp Party One Piece Odyssey
Party in camp to get extra XP [screenshot by eXputer]

You can also earn extra XP bonuses by partying at camps or bars. Throughout your adventure, you will come across many bars or camps where Straw hats Will take a break from all fights and try to recover. During these moments, if you spend time cooking or crafting, you’ll get extra XP.

And if you visit different hotels or bars that are unlocked in several areas, you’ll have access to the party feature (which also works in camps). If you let your staff go through the party program, you’ll get it. XP bonus for next 10 battles. Combine the party trait boost with Luffy’s Haki, and you’ve got a great tactic for XP farming.

Side Quests

Like every other RPG, One Piece Odyssey has a good amount of content. Supplementary material which you can complete for extra XP and other rewards. You can explore these side activities by exploring and finding characters that can advance you through various side tasks. Unfortunately, not all types of sidequests lead to handsome amounts of XP awards, but it’s better than XP.

Bounty Hunts

Bounty hunting to reach the maximum level in One Piece Odyssey
Bounty hunting in One Piece Odyssey [captured by eXputer]

In the previous tip, we mentioned side questions. Bounty hunting These are one of the side quests that can earn you a good amount of rewards and XP. These rewards can be found in different areas of the island. The enemies you’ll face during these will be tough, but the XP will be worth it. So, if you ever find such boons, make sure to complete them to level up faster.

Memory links

There is another type of side quest. Memory Links Mission Which can be found in the world of memories. In Memory Links, you’ll face familiar but surefire enemies requirements or limitations To make the competitions more challenging.

Enemy spin areas

There are certain areas in the game where a large number of enemies spawn. These areas are perfect for XP farming, as more crowds of enemies means more XP drops.

Each chapter has its own area or territory that contains a large number of enemy spawns. But here are a few areas where you can expect to find a large number of enemies to fight:

  • Chapter 2 — Deserts and Caves
  • Chapter 4 – City Seven Saver
  • Dressrosa – Mini area of ​​New Royal Plata


With that, you should now have a pretty good idea of ​​how to max out levels in One Piece Odyssey. Near the endgame, it can get pretty rough, but if you just fight every enemy in your way and complete all possible side content, you’ll have no trouble getting there. Maximum level.

One Piece Odyssey is a fairly linear game, which is why most of the leveling in the game is done through main quests. But you can also perform certain side activities to gain experience to reach the maximum level. If you are just a beginner, it will be easy for you to level up, but as you advance in the game and get closer to the maximum level, things will become more difficult.


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