One Piece Odyssey: How To Beat Final Boss Adio


Despite having a fixed Difficulty Level, One Piece Odyssey still holds many tough boss fights. The Final Boss is particularly one of the toughest out of all the Bosses in One Piece Odyssey. Players need to adopt a strict and planned strategy to take part in the long-lasting battle, which ultimately closes down the storyline of the game. The Final Boss faces the Straw Hat Pirates over the course of two different phases, which require different battle plans.

[Note: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!]

Key Highlights

  • Players get to face Adio and the Divine Breath during the Final Boss fight in One Piece Odyssey.
  • Adio and the Divine Breath use a variety of deadly attacks, such as ‘Tempesta‘ and ‘Thunder Shroud Freeze,’ which can put down the Straw Hats within seconds.
  • It is advised to utilize a well-built strategy to tackle the final bosses in the game.
  • Technique Characters such as Brook, Robin, and Zoro are highly effective against Adio and Divine Breath.
  • The final boss fight is broken down into two separate phases.  

How To Beat Adio In One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey divine breath and adio
Adio & Divine Breath [Image Credit: eXputer]

We have given you fair notice that there will be spoilers in our guide; with that said, let’s get started! The final Boss is none other than Adio himself. If you have reached this point of the game, then the information won’t come as a surprise. However, for those who still haven’t reached the final fight, the news may have come as a surprise for you. Near the Ending of One Piece Odyssey, players will get to learn the betrayal Adio had been scheming all along.

In order to put his notorious plans into action, he will utilize the Divine Breath. Of course, you (in control of the Straw Hat Pirates) will be tasked to face and put down the final Boss in the game. Because it is the Final Boss fight, be wary that the game will put your strengths to the test. You will be required to use all the characters and their abilities in One Piece Odyssey.


One Piece Odyssey final boss location
Location of the Final Boss [Screenshot by Us]

Before we jump into the battle itself, let us briefly run over how and where you can find Adio in the final sections of the game. To be precise, players will face Boss Adio in the Last Chapter (9th), which is titled “What Those Hands Can Grasp.” Players will get to face Adio as part of the main plot. Therefore, the final boss fight is not missable under any circumstances. 

After the fight in The Sky Tower during Chapter 9, players will unlock a cutscene that will show Adio’s true intentions of causing destruction and rebuilding the world. The cutscene will show Adio taking control of the Divine Breath almost two years before the present time in the game. At the current time, Lim and the Straw Hat Pirates will reach the location to find Adio fully controlling the Divine Breath. Adio will then ask Lim to join him, who will, in return, deny his proposal. Adio will fatally shoot Lim, causing further shock for the whole Crew.

After the twist in the storyline, Adio escapes toward South Beach. The Straw Hats will then be tasked to “Go to the South Beach” in Waford Central to face Adio and Divine Breath once and for all. During this part, you can make all the preparation before heading into the final Boss fight in One Piece Odyssey. We advise you to quickly save the game here and set up a camp to make sure all the Characters are up to par. In our opinion, each Straw Hats member should at least be Level 45 or above to face Adio.


After the whole cutscene shenanigans and your preparations are complete, you will need to make your way down to South Beach to face Adio. Simply follow the path which will hold a couple of bridges. During their short trip, the Crew will talk about how everything makes sense now regarding Adio’s plan. Eventually, you, alongside the Straw Hats, will reach South Beach, where Adio will be waiting to take you on in the Final Boss fight.

To simplify things, we have divided the Final fight in One Piece Odyssey into two phases. Each of these phases will require a slightly different strategy that you can use to take down Adio and the Divine Breath.

First Phase

One Piece Odyssey adio divine breath
Final fight’s first phase [Screenshot by Us]

The first phase consists of the initial stage of the final Boss fights against Adio. During this phase, the Straw Hats will face Adio himself along with two Thunder Storms, which the Divine Breath will conjure up. The first portion of the battle is quite challenging because Adio will constantly use the Thunder Storms to buff himself or increase his resistance. Making it harder for the Straw Hats to bring him down.

Apart from that, you can expect Adio to use some high-damaging moves, such as Tempesta, that can instantly make your characters reach critical health levels. Hence, it is advised to have 45+ level Pirates in your teams with some of the Best Accessories on them. You can also fuse some accessories beforehand to have an extra edge over Adio and the Divine Breath. From time to time, the Thunder Storms can also attack the players.

Even though they don’t do a lot of damage, they can inflict status damages such as Bleeding and can also bring down the ATK stat of the player. Hence, it is best if you also look after the Thunder Storms early in the battle and take them out. Some of the Thunder Storms will also block out a few Straw Hat Pirates to damage Adio. Even though the Divine Breath won’t be fighting at its true potential, it will use the “Thunder Shroud Freeze” attack. It will inflict damage on the whole front line of your team. Despite being an electric attack, it will damage Luffy as well.

So keeping all of this in mind, make sure that you constantly heal the Straw Hats! As for the aggressive strategy, it is best if you go for Technique players such as Brook, Robin, and Zoro. However, do not hesitate to use Luffy as well; his “Gum Gum King Cobraattack can inflict heavy damage on Adio. Keep the Technique characters as your front runners, although make sure to have the Support types (such as Tony Tony) right at the back so that they can provide relevant buffs and heal the attackers in nervy times.

Second Phase

One Piece Odyssey divine breath fight
Divine Breath with the Wall of Wind [Image Credit: eXputer]

After you successfully beat Adio in the final boss fight, the second part will get initiated. A cutscene will begin, which will show the Divine Breath unleashing its true potential by freeing himself from Adio’s control. It will now have a Wall of Wind in front of it and will look even deadlier than before. Hence, you should pan out this fight with precise calculations to bring down the Final Boss in One Piece Odyssey.

Apart from the Divine Breath, the battle will also have two new Thunder Storms with the same attack move. Their move, as we mentioned earlier, will cause low damage but will inflict a Bleeding effect on the player. Along with that, they will also bring down the ATK stat. Nonetheless, you can use the same characters which you did in the first phase of the fight. The priority should be to utilize Technique characters. In addition, make sure you have a support pirate to heal your team members.

A lot of players usually go for the Thunder Storms first in the final fight, which in our opinion, is a wise strategy. Getting rid of them will give you easy access to deal damage to the Divine Breath. If you have Luffy in your team, then try using “The Conquerer’s Haki” move on the trio. After you bring down the Thunder Storms and bring the Divine Breath’s health bar below 50%, its wall of wind will disappear, and the giant machine will fall to the ground.

The Divine Breath will remain on the ground, unable to move, for two whole rounds. During which you can use the most devastating attacks on it consecutively. When the Divine Breath is on the ground, its health bar will replenish, but it will remain paralyzed for two rounds without the Wall of Wind protecting it. If you’re unable to fully bring down its health bar during the two rounds, the Divine Breath will rise up again and conjure up another Wall of Wind.

However, this time around, the Divine Breath will be weakened and can be brought down yet again quite quickly. By using some of the Best Skills, you can break the Wall of Wind within 2-3 moves. After the Divine Breath is down again, utilize the opportunity as best as possible and try killing it. If you’re unsuccessful, simply repeat the process because, after each cycle, the Divine Breath will become weaker and will concede more and more damage. Eventually, you will be able to bring it down once and for all!

After the Straw Hat Pirates defeat the Final Boss, another cutscene will begin showing the Divine Breath exploding and dying as its lights go out. As the cutscene continues, Luffy and Adio will battle once again for the final time. However, the fight will take place during the cutscene, so no input from the player will be needed.


One Piece Odyssey moves boss
Thunder Shroud Freeze move [Screenshot by Us]

We have also listed down some of the most common moves used by Divine Breath, Adio, and Thunder Storms. Therefore, if you fail to win the fights a few times or just want to prepare yourself even better before the battle, then feel free to go through this section. The bosses in the One Piece Odyssey Final fight have some common moves which are marked as “Attack.” However, the Skill attacks are the ones you need to look out for in particular.

Here are some of the Moves that Adio, Divine Breath, and the Thunder Storms use in One Piece Odyssey: 

  • Attack: A simple low-damaging move used by Adio, Divine Breath, and Thunder Storms. The Thunder Storm variant will cause a bleeding effect and will also decrease the ATK stat on the character.
  • Grande: A Stat boost move. Whenever Adio uses it, the DEF of each enemy will increase during battle.
  • Tempesta: During the Tempesta Move, Adio will fire multiple bullets, which will ricochet around the field before landing on multiple Straw Hats to inflict damage.
  • Whirling Storm Blade: A summoning move performed by the Divine Breath. It will conjure up a Thunder Storm on the battlefield. Adio can also make the Divine Breath use this move, although that move is called “Thunder Vortex.”
  • Thunder Shroud Freeze: A charge-up attack that the Divine Breath uses. It will charge up and mark a few characters on the battlefield. After a full turn passes, the machine will then unleash multiple crystal boulders from the sky. The attack has a chance to Freeze or Paralyze the player.
  • Freezing Lightning Spear: A similar attack as the Thunder Shroud Freeze. However, it deals lesser damage and does not need to be charged up.


There you have it! A complete guide on How you can beat the Final Boss in One Piece Odyssey. The Final boss fight will feature Adio along with the Divine Breath. You will also need to take care of a few Thunder Storms entities as well. During the first phase of the battle, players will face the Divine Breath under the control of Adio. However, in the second part of the final battle, the Divine Breath will break free of the shackles and face the Straw Hats on its own.

If you have just started your journey in One Piece Odyssey, then we advise you to go through our Beginners Guide quickly. As for the completionists, you guys can drop by our Trophies guide. While taking control of the Straw Hat Pirates, it is essential to have the Best Teams at your disposal with the Best Equipment in hand. In One Piece Odyssey, Cooking meals is a key element that can help you acquire healing items. Lastly, if you enjoyed playing this game, then you must check out our 25 games like One Piece Odyssey guide.

Thank you for reading through our Battle guide. For more guides regarding One Piece Odyssey, feel free to stick around at eXputer!

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