One Piece Odyssey: Best Teams [All Power Types]


Winning battles in One Piece Odyssey is all about having a strong team. If you want to form the best possible team in One Piece Odyssey, then you need to have a good idea of how the power triangle works while also having a little bit of information about your opponent, as it can determine how effective your team is.

Key Highlights

  • Characters in One Piece Odyssey can be power, speed, or technique type.
  • Each of these categories is strong against one and weak against another. 
  • While considering the Power Triangle, you can come up with teams depending on what your enemy’s type is. 
  • Each character has their status resistance, and weaknesses, which must be considered while picking them for your team.

Forming The Best Team

As we mentioned earlier, the formation of your team should mainly depend on two factors: the power triangle and your enemies weaknesses. If you can understand these two major concepts, even as a beginner, you won’t have trouble coming up with a strong party.

The Power Triangle

Once you understand how the power triangle works in the game, it’ll be easy to figure out which characters are useful in which situations. The power triangle is essentially like a game of rock, paper, and scissors.

There are three power types, and each of them has a weakness and can also outplay another type. Speed beats technique; technique beats power, and power beats speed. Each of the characters in One Piece Odyssey has a certain type. Therefore, if you’re facing an enemy that might be a power type, then you should fight them with characters that are technique types and not speed types.

However, if you don’t know what type your enemy might be, you should take all three types with you to battle. That way, you’ll have a chance regardless of what your enemy’s type is. In cases like these, it is wise to take characters that are generally stronger than the rest, despite their type.

Team Suggestions

After you understand the power triangle, it’s quite easy to come up with a team of your own that can help you out depending on what situation you’re in. Regardless, here are a few suggestions for what you could use.

All-Rounder Team Power-focused Team Technique-focused Team Speed-focused
Luffy D. Monkey Monkey D. Luffy Zoro Nami
Zoro Sanji Nico Robin Franky
Nami Tony Tony Chopper Brook Usopp
Tony Tony Chopper Nami Monkey D. Luffy Zoro

Considering you can have four total members in a team and only three characters per each type, the fourth member in a specific type-focused team is usually someone from another type. It’s better if that fourth member is the same type as whomever you’re going up against, as they’ll have some resistance against that type. For example, having a single power-type member can be helpful if you’re making a team of technique types to fight against power types.

Best Characters For Your Party

Now that you know what type of character you might be looking for while creating your team, we can have a look at each of the characters while discussing why they might or might not be suitable for your party.

Monkey D Luffy

Luffy (Image Credits Exputer)

There aren’t many cases where you won’t want to keep Monkey D Luffy on your team. After all, he is the protagonist and one of, if not the strongest characters that you have. He is a power-type character, making him useful against speed-type enemies. Not only that, but he is resistant to many common status effects, such as lightning and poison. However, he isn’t quite effective against confusion or sleep effects.

Due to the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, Luffy has access to many Gum-Gum battle skills that he can use during battle. Some of his iconic moves are the Gum-Gum Pistol, Bazooka, Pistol, and Bullet, which are all deadly against many foes. His field skills, such as the Observational Haki, are great if you’re trying to reach the max level or grind for some XP.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro best team one piece odyssey
Zoro (Image Credits Exputer)

Up next is perhaps one of the strongest technique-type characters in the game. That’s not too surprising because even in the anime, Zoro is known to have some of the strongest techniques, especially due to his remarkable swordsmanship. That swordsmanship carries over into the game as his skills are centered around his three-sword combat style.

He also has access to some of his well-known techniques, such as the Three Thousand Worlds, Dragon Twister, Onigiri, and Lion Song. Zoro is great against Faint and Lightning effects but can fall short while facing the Freeze and Confusion effects. Regardless, if you have to face a power-type enemy, Zoro is a great option to have on your team.

Nico Robin

Nico (Image Credits Exputer)

Following right after Zoro, Nico Robin is yet another technique-type character that can prove to be quite useful in many situations. She is also part of the main crew and quite popular in the One Piece Universe. She also acts as the archaeologist for the group as she can read Poneglyphs and is another member who has also consumed a Devil Fruit, the Hana Hana no Mi Devil Fruit (flower devil fruit), to be specific.

Because of the Devil Fruit, she can flower up any part of her on any surface which is in her sight. That allows her to have some useful skills, such as the Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano Shock, Dos Fleurs Grab, and Treinta Fleurs Flip. She’s resistant to Charm, Confusion, and Burn effects while being weak to Lightning and Freeze. If you know you’re going to be facing a power-type enemy, then Nico Robin, alongside Zoro, is a great matchup.


Nami for best speed type character one piece odyssey best team
Nami (Image Credits Exputer)

Unfortunately, you can’t play as Nami right at the start; you need to rescue her first in the prologue. But once you do, she might be one of your most valuable speed-type characters. Not only that, but she can help you find a treasure more often with her field ability: Treasure Sensor.

Nami doesn’t have as many skills as some of the other characters. And many of her skills are associated with her staff, Clima-Tact, and the lightning element, such as the Swing Arm, Thunderbolt Tempo, and Thunder Lance Tempo. These make her great against the Lightning and Charm effects but weak against Burn and Freeze effects.

It is worth noting that although Nami has a high damage output, she isn’t as resilient to damage as compared to the other characters. But if you’ve got a technique-type enemy that is weak to lightning damage, then Nami should be your number-one option!


best team one piece odyssey Franky
Franky (Image Credits Exputer)

If you want a speed-type character that is the complete opposite of Nami, then Franky is your best option. Rather than ranged attacks, Franky is more focused on close-range combat. Because he is usually the one looking after and rebuilding the ship, he has access to field skills such as Impromptu Build and Franky Skywalk, which let him build bridges or mid-flight stairs. These skills are extremely helpful for getting around the map and overall exploration.

Some of Franky’s useful skills are Franky Iron Boxing, Franky Fire Ball, and Coup De Vent. As he uses the fire element in many of his skills, it’s no surprise that he is resilient against the Burn and the Charm effect. However, he is weak to the Lightning and Freeze effect, making him the opposite of Nami. Even if you’re not using Franky during combat, it’s great to have him while exploring, as you’ll be able to reach all sorts of corners with him.


Characters for best team in one piece odyssey
Characters (Image Credits Exputer)

Sanji is essentially the Straw Hats’ cook. Due to traumatic events in his past, he ensures that no person is ever left starving. That is why he has a useful Field Skill, Cook’s Nose, which lets him identify rare and useful ingredients out in the field to create all sorts of meals. Additionally, he is a power-type character with some heavy-hitting kicks.

Sanji isn’t really a character that you would want to use as one of your mains. He is the type that you’d want to take with you if you need an extra power-type character with you. That becomes more apparent when you use some of his useful skills, such as the Flambage Shot, Party Table Kick Course, and Premiere Hache.

However, the issue with using Sanji is that he is weak against many of the common effects in the game. These include Lightning, Charm, Confusion, and Freeze. And considering that he is only resilient to the burn effect, there are many cases where Sanji can fall short. Therefore, consider using him only as a secondary power type as a backup.


Usopp (Image Credits Exputer)

Usopp is cowardly but great with the custom slingshot that he uses with a variety of custom ammo. He is essentially the crew’s sniper and acts as a speed-type in One Piece Odyssey, making him useful if you’re trying to make the best speed-based team. Additionally, his field skills, Shoot and Make Trick Balls, are useful for removing obstacles while exploring and tricking enemies in battle.

Many of Usopp’s abilities are focused on the use of the slingshot and hammer. Some of his useful skills are Usopp Pound, Exploding Star, and Firebird Star. Most of Usopp’s abilities are able to output a good amount of damage, but as for receiving damage, that’s where he begins to fall flat.

Just like Sanji, Usopp is weak to many common statuses, such as Burn, Lightning, Paralyze, Freeze, Confusion, Charm, and Faint. In fact, he does not have any resistance at all, which is why he isn’t likely to survive long in battle. That’s why you should either try to skip using Usopp in battles that can get dragged on for long or only use them as your second or third-speed-type character.

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper for best team character in one piece odyssey
Chopper (Image Credits Exputer)

It’s rare for any JRPG game not to have some sort of support character that can heal all of your other characters. In One Piece Odyssey, the medic role is given to Tony Tony Chopper. Chopper is a reindeer who got his hands on the Human-Human Fruit, allowing him to turn into a humanoid reindeer form. Chopper is a power-type character, but in terms of raw combat, he might not be your first go-to option.

Tony Tony Chopper’s battle skills are mainly focused on healing others. He can either heal a specific person or people in a certain area. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any remarkable field skills. He has a “punch,” which lets him remove obstacles out of the way, something that the other characters can do on their own.

Surprisingly, Chopper is resilient to the Burn and Freeze effects, which many other characters aren’t. Therefore, he’ll be able to survive in the battle for quite some time, as long as your opponent isn’t too strong with the Lightning or Confusion effects. Regardless, it’s always a great idea to take Tony Tony Chopper with you, especially in an all-rounder team, due to his healing abilities.


one piece odyssey outfit
The New World Challenge Outfit Of Brook

The final character that you can use as part of your team in One Piece Odyssey is Brook. He is a sword-wielding musician who got his hands on the Yomi Yomi no Mi Devil Fruit (Revive-Revive Fruit), which is why his soul is in the skeleton of his previous body.

Brook doesn’t get that much time to shine in the game, so you might not be able to use him as often. That is also one of the reasons why he doesn’t have any field skills. However, when the time does arise, you can use Brook’s technique-type skills to take out the power-type enemies.

Even if you don’t know who your opponent is, there are certain characters that are much stronger than the rest and can automatically make your team quite powerful. Therefore, if you want to maximize each of your characters and ensure that you win all your battles, it can be helpful to understand all of the underlying mechanics.

With that, you know all about each character’s strengths and weaknesses. With the knowledge of the power triangle, you should be able to create teams in One Piece Odyssey which can be considered best for all scenarios. And with our suggestions for an all-rounder team, you should be equipped to face almost any foe.

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