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The Quiz Answers in One Piece Odyssey are pretty troublesome to figure out for players as they require you to have trivia knowledge of details found in each arc of the series. You will need to solve all of the quizzes in the game to earn precious rewards such as valuable items and accessories but, most importantly, a Treasure Chest Key, which will help unlock various chests scattered around each arc. There are a total of twelve Grand Line Quizzes in the entirety of the game, with three in each arc that you will get to explore thoroughly.

Key Highlights

  • The Grand Line quiz puzzles are a series of sub-quests that players can take on to test their knowledge about the series and the story arcs themselves.
  • There are a total of 12 quizzes throughout the entire game, with three available to tackle in each memory arc of One Piece Odyssey.
  • The quiz questions may vary in difficulty as each one will progressively require you to answer detailed trivia questions about the locale.
  • Players should be careful, as the Zoner NPCs will tend to rotate questions in order, but thankfully there are no additional questions other than the ones in our list.
  • Keep in mind that completing prior quizzes will be necessary to unlock newer ones in future arcs, so make sure to complete them all.
  • Lastly, by completing these quizzes, players will be rewarded with various useful items and accessories, but in addition to that, they will also receive the Treasure Chest Key.

Kingdom Of Alabasta Quizzes

kingdom of alabasta one piece odyssey
Alabasta quizzes (Image Captured by us)

You can find the first zoner girl during the Alabasta arc memoria, where most fans of the show may remember the epic clash of Luffy against Crocodile as he and his crew brought peace back to the nation. The small girl named Zoner can be found in the Sandy Oasis location here. You should be able to easily spot her next to the campsite as side-quest givers will be indicated by a blue speech bubble on their head, as shown in the image.

Furthermore, she (along with other Zoner NPCs later on in the game) may occasionally rotate the sequence of how the questions may appear. Still, regardless of which, the questions, as well as their answers, should stay the same so we advise following each question carefully.

First Set

The following are the first set of questions that you will need to answer correctly in order to progress and unlock the next set of questions all the way toward the third stage.

  • “Who is Alabasta’s ruler and twelfth successor of the Nefertari Royal Family?” The correct answer is Cobra.
  • “What’s the name of a poisonous spider that looks like a fruit?” The correct answer to the following quiz question will be The Desert Strawberry. 
  • Lastly, the answer to the third question, “What animal will ask to become your apprentice when beaten in battle?” will be The Kung Fu Dugong.

Second Set

After the first set of questions, you will be able to take on the second set, whose questions and their answers are mentioned down below:

  • “What’s the name of the giant gators who inhabit Sandy Island?” The answer to the following question is the Banana Gators creatures, whom fans of the series may remember vividly as they got pummeled by Sanji during the Alabasta arc.
  • The second question will be the following; “What is the name of the large casino in Rainbase?” the answer to it will be the Rain Dinners.
  • Finally, the third question here will be, “What animal plays dead to steal the belongings of travelers?” with the correct answer being The Bilker Heron.

Third Set

The following are the answers for the last set of questions found in the Alabasta memoria section of the game:

  • “What is Alabasta Vice-Commander Pell’s alias?” The answer to that question is, of course, Pell the Falcon, who is one of the Two Head guards of the Alabasta Kingdom and swore to protect Princess Vivy at all costs.
  • The second question, “What is port city Nanohana’s local specialty?” will be Perfume.
  • Last but not least, the final question of the last set will be, “What is the rare giant catfish found only in the Sandora River?” The correct answer is the Sandora Catfish.

Successfully completing the Alabasta quizzes will net you 300 berries and the Quiz Researcher’s Badge accessory.

Water-7 City Quizzes

one piece water 7
Water 7 quizzes (Image Captured by us)

The only condition to unlock the trivia quizzes in this arc memoria is that you will first need to complete the main storyline here. But another key difference to note here is that Zoner will shift locations for the third set of questions, and well- that will essentially resolve the third set immediately, without having to answer anything.

However, to initiate the first and second sets, you can find her in the main Water Seven City Area towards the top-middle side of the map, as shown in the image above. Approach and talk to her to begin the sub-quest, and keep in mind you can only find her if you have been following along and completed the prior quizzes in Alabasta.

First Set

Following are the first set of quizzes in Water 7 and their answers in One Piece Odyssey:

  • The first one states that “What is the mounted transportation essential to living in Water Seven?” to which the simple answer is the Bull, the seahorse-like creature used in the city.
  • “What is the name of the Sea Train currently servicing Water Seven?” The answer to that question is the Puffing Tom which any fan of the arc itself will identify straight away.
  • The last question of this set states, “What is the name of the annual high tide that overwhelms Water Seven?” The answer is Aqua Laguna.

Second Set

The second set of quizzes in the Water 7 memoria is the following:

  • “What is the highest tier Bull you can rent from the Rental Bull Shop?” The answer to the question will be King Bull.
  • The next question that Zoner will ask is, “How many foremen does Galley-La Company have for each dock?” The answer is 5.
  • The last question of the set states, “What is the name of the endangered tree that is the strongest in the world?” It is the Treasure Tree Adam.

Third Set

one piece odyssey quiz answers
Zoner’s location in Water 7 (Image by eXputer)

The entire set consists of simply talking to Zoner in a different part of the map, and that will simply complete this set of questions and the quiz entirely. We have marked Zoner’s new location in the image above, so simply venture to Dock One, and she can be found in the northwest corner of the area. After completing the Water 7 Quizzes, you will receive 24,000 Berries and the quiz Researcher’s Ring accessory.

Marineford Quizzes

the quiz in marineford one piece odyssey
Marineford quizzes (Image by eXputer)

The iconic battle in Marineford lives in the hearts of various One Piece fans to this day, whether you excitedly read it in the manga or binged it in the anime.

The quizzes here will unlock when you complete the storyline here, and another version of Zoner will appear again; she can be found in the South Town square area of Marineford.

First Set

  • One of the first questions here will be, “What is the name of the prison impossible to break into or out of?” The answer is, of course, Impel Down, which many fans of the anime and manga series may even remember had its own story arc.
  • The second question states, “The “Ultimate Military Force” of Marines HQ are Aokiji, Kizaru, and who else?” The answer is none other than Akainu, who ruthlessly left an emotional scar on Luffy during the Marineford story arc.
  • The last question of the first set, “What is the name of the bell in western Marineford?” will be The Ox Bell.

Second Set

  • “What is the name of the giant gate in both Enies Lobby and Impel Down?” It is The Gates of Justice which are only accessible by Marine battleships traveling in and out of the two areas, including Marineford.
  • The second states, “What is the name of the warden of Impel Down?” It is none other than Magellan, whom Monkey D. Luffy even had a confrontation with as he was escaping Impel Down to reach Marineford”.
  • The third question that Zoner asks from this set will be, “The Three Great Powers of the Grand Line is the Four Emperors, Marines HQ, and?” The correct answer is The Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Third Set

one piece odyssey quizzes
Zoner’s new location in Marineford (Image by eXputer)

The final set here, once again, will be a hide-and-seek contest, and Zoner will ask you to find her in “the plaza where a sacred key to a battleship rests.”

It essentially is the Ox Bell Plaza, whose location we have shown in the image above. But once you arrive here, you will notice that she is being attacked by the escaped convicts, so engage and eliminate them quickly. You will complete the quiz here and be rewarded with three of Zoro’s Cube Fragments, a hefty 126,000 Berries, and the Quiz Researcher’s Necklace accessory.

Dressrosa Quizzes

Dressrosa quizzes
Dressrosa quizzes (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Dressrosa is the story arc where Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Strawhats valiantly fight against Doflamingo and his Donquixote Family in order to liberate the country from his tyranny. As previously mentioned, make sure you have completed the prior quizzes and their answers in the previous arcs of One Piece Odyssey to tackle the next ones.

Once you have completed the main story in Dressrosa, you can find Zoner in the top-left part of the map, as shown in the image above. The city is vast in design, but thankfully, It now appears that Zoner is a man now, which surprises the Strawhats at first.

First Set

  • One of the first of three questions is, “What is the name of the place in Dressrosa where gladiators fight?” The Corrida Coliseum, where Luffy spends the majority of the first half of the story arc in the main series.
  • The second question is, “What is the name of the violent fish that lives in the sea near Dressrosa?” They are called The Fighting Fish.
  • “What flower blooms in the garden near the Dressrosa Royal Palace?” It is the Sunflower.

Second Set

  • “The current Ultimate Military Force of Marines HQ is Kizaru, Ryokugyu, and?” It is none other than admiral Fujitora who was recruited after Aokiji’s resignation during the 2-year time skip in the series.
  • “What are the dwarves who live in Dressrosa called?” They are called Tontattas, whom we meet in the first half of the Dressrosa arc during the series.
  • Lastly, the last question here will be, “Who is the man called the strongest gladiator of the Corrida Coliseum?” He is called Kyros, and it’s better that we won’t spoil who he is for fans who might still be going through the majority of the Dressrosa arc.

Third Set

Zoner lil one piece odyssey
Zoner Lil’s location (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

As you might’ve guessed, we are going on another goose hunt to track down another Zoner. The strawhats crew learns that the Zoners are all one big family who is fond of Trivia cards. However, we also learn that the Lil Zoner we met in Alabasta is missing, so the strawhats venture to locate her immediately.

She can be found in the South part of the map, near the Corrida Coliseum, as shown in the image above, and you can also learn about her location by talking to various nearby NPCs in the city.

You will first need to defeat her kidnappers, but once you’ve done that, then you’re pretty much done with the quiz answers in One Piece Odyssey. The fruits of your labor for completing every quiz will be rewarded generously with three of Luffy’s Cube Fragments, 74,000 Berries, and, lastly, the valuable Treasure Chest Key.

The Wrap-Up

If you found what you were looking for with the answers for the trivia quizzes in One Piece Odyssey, then you can also try testing your knowledge against a fan-made quiz of the series from a Subreddit Post. It is great for hardcore fans who want to test their knowledge about the lore and universe of One Piece itself.

The Characters in the game are all here in a profound fashion as you can experience the story with almost everyone, from the resilient Swordsman of the crew, Zoro, to the self-proclaimed Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy.

You can even channel Sanji’s inner chef persona through Cooking Meals in One Piece Odyssey for the entire crew. Also, no JRPG would be complete without a bit of customization as every strawhat member can equip various pre-time skip Outfits using the Traveling Outfit Set DLC.

However, for now, as much as we would like to gush about the series as a fan, this wraps up our guide about the quizzes and their answers in the game. If you have any sort of question or query related to the guide or just the game in general, then be sure to comment down below, and we would be more than happy to get back to you! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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