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One Piece Odyssey follows an origin story where Straw hats Stranded on a mysterious island, you must find a way to regain your powers and escape as you complete all the game’s chapters. Out of nine chapters, One Piece Odyssey will feature four story arcs from the original One Piece manga!

These four story arcs will be revived as part of “Memory” or “World of Memories”, which is basically a world made up of memories of the Straw Hats. As you live through memories and meet characters from the past, you’ll regain your powers. However, to keep the story fresh and original, things may not come out Memory arcs Just like they did in the manga. With that said, here they are Four different story arcs Without too many major spoilers.

Key highlights

  • One Piece Odyssey has four different memory arcs from the original One Piece manga.
  • These are part of arcs. “World of Memories” And reviving them will bring you one step closer to regaining all your powers.
  • The arcs are as follows: Alabasta, Waterseven, Marineford, and Dressrosa Arch.
  • The story arcs will follow the same events as the manga but with A few twists of their own.

Albasta story arc

One Piece Odyssey Story Arcs
Albasta in One Piece Odyssey [taken by eXputer]

The first major story arc will be related to the manga. Albasta story arc. This is one of the most important arcs as it is the first time Luffy interacts with one. Seven warriors of the sea. These fighters are part of a group of pirates banned by the world government.

Albasta’s story follows. The East Blue Saga and is based in the desert state of Alabasta. The Straw Hats will also work with a criminal syndicate that refers to its top members by code-named numbers, with Mr. 0 as their leader. Syndicate, known as Baroque Worksplans to take over the desert kingdom.

Water Seven story arc

Water seven arcs
Water Seven in One Piece Odyssey [image by eXputer]

Water seam arch Almost two arcs merged into one. The first part of the arc is the water seam which will then lead into Annie’s lobby arc. The first part of the arc, the water seam, surrounds the plane of the straw hats, Go to me. As it is on the verge of breaking down, the pirates are looking for a way to fix it. They finally land on Water seven, a city known for its ship owners. There, they take hold of their new ship while also gaining insight into its backstory. Nice Robin.

However, Nico Robin is taken to Annie’s Lobby by a secret government agency. The Straw Hats set off on an adventure to rescue Nico Robin and confront the Marines and the World Government.

Marineford story arc

Marineford scene
Marineford in One Piece Odyssey [screenshot by eXputer]

Marineford story arc Centers around Luffy trying to save his brother, Acewhich is in the custody of the Marines. Along with one of Seven Warriors, Boa HancockLuffy breaks in To force down Ace to rescue. There, he befriends a group of prisoners, and his mission later leads him to Marineford.

Along with the help of The Whitebeard PirateLuffy fights against the Marines and the other seven warriors to save Ace. There’s a lot to learn about Ace and Luffy during the Marineford arc, making it one of the more important One Piece arcs.

Dressrosa story arc

Dressrosa Arc One Piece Odyssey
Dressrosa Memory Arc in One Piece Odyssey [captured by eXputer]

Dressrosa Arch is one of the major arcs after leave time which followed the Marineford arc. But after discovering the terrifying experiences Pink Hazard Island And finding out about an underworld leader, Jokerstraw hats help take one of them down. The Four Emperors, Kaido.

Then, they move towards it Dressrosa Ending the joker business that is creating artificial. devil fruit. All the major pirate groups connected to Dressrosa and Joker’s group have a lot to uncover!

With this, you get to know about the various story arcs that will be present in One Piece Odyssey. There are many different memories to relive while the game itself also experiences various changes.


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