Obsidian Entertainment is developing an unannounced title in Unity.


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  • Obsidian Entertainment is reportedly developing an unannounced project in collaboration with Evade and The Outer Worlds 2, according to a new job listing.
  • The studio is hiring a Unity Gameplay Programmer in a new contract listing. The other two games use Unreal Engine 5 instead.
  • New unannounced projects are expected to be smaller in scale due to the limited advertisement period. The Unity engine is often used for smaller titles as well.
  • No other details of the unannounced project are available yet, and the studio hasn’t officially revealed it.

Fans of Obsidian Entertainment’s popular RPG apparently are. Hiring for an unannounced project Currently in Brewer, which differs from other well-known entries, Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2. This new unannounced project is completely shrouded in mystery, but some solid evidence suggests it’s separate from the aforementioned games. It will use the Unity engine instead of Unreal Engine 5, as are known titles in development.

According to a new job listing for a Unity Gameplay Programmer, the unnamed project will use the Unity engine. The new list has also sparked speculation among fans, leading many to speculate that a new unannounced project is on the way alongside the other two awaited entries. The new senior Unity dev will be stationed at the California-based studio to work on the new project. However, no further details have been revealed in this regard.

Obsidian is looking for an experienced Unity programmer to join our team of talented RPG developers.

Our ideal candidate has a strong work ethic, the ability to deliver on time, and excellent problem solving skills. If you’re a Unity fan with a passion for creating rich and compelling player experiences, this role might be right for you.

However, the new unannounced entry likely isn’t AAA scale like other titles in Obsidian Entertainment’s brewer. The nature of the Unity engine suggests that the game will be developed on a small scale. On another note, the job listing is strictly contractual, as clearly stated in the title, which also hints at the fact that the game may be a small project.

This leaves a number of potential AAA sequels that many gamers believe may be secretly in development. In other words, no Fallout sequel is currently being developed by developers Obsidian Entertainment. He has helmed five Unity-based games in the past, the most famous franchise being The Pillars of Eternity. His most recent success, Pentiment, also proved to be quite popular with some fans despite being a smaller project.

Popular RPG developers are also working heavily on Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2. While no exact release date is known for the former first-person RPG, it could be coming later this year or early next year. Avowed also underwent an internal reboot earlier in development that improved its quality by a mile, as one insider put it. Additionally, according to rumours, it is expected to release before Outer Worlds 2.

The Outer Worlds 2 is the upcoming sequel to the first installment, a single-player dystopian sci-fi RPG. It is rumored to be an Xbox exclusive since the giant conglomerate acquired Obsidian Entertainment in 2018.

Knowing the nature of the studio, we could see this new unannounced project coming to multiple devices. Along with the Xbox Series S and Series X, we may also see it make its way to PC. Moreover, it is possible to support the last generation Xbox One due to its possible small scale, but we recommend taking it with a grain of salt.

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