Obsidian CEO says Xbox Game Pass has redefined success for games.


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  • Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart has said that Xbox Game Pass has changed his perspective on success.
  • Instead of revenue in dollars, success is measured by hours spent playing.
  • As a result the studio builds their games in such a way that they have something for everyone.
  • Urquhart also says that games coming from the studio wouldn’t be possible without Microsoft.

Since its inception, Obsidian Entertainment Has made a name for himself in the role playing genre. The studio’s expertise has only grown since its acquisition by Microsoft. And the CEO has now said that the subsequent release of Obsidian’s games on GamePass has changed how they measure success.

In a new interview Feargus Urquhart He said the subscription service has changed how he views success. But, the way Obsidian works remains the same, the formula remains unchanged.

When we list the innovations that have changed the world of gaming, Xbox Game Pass is one of the first names. Xbox and its new service have reshaped how major companies offer video games to consumers. Its unprecedented success led to an industry-wide shift in the gaming subscription model.

Game Pass has it. About 30 million subscribersShows its popularity among platforms. Microsoft’s first-party games and other major ones AAA Ongoing releases on the service are a major reason for this. In addition to revolutionizing the user-friendly service, GamePass has also changed how we measure the success of a title.

Obsidian Entertainment Studio head Feargus Urquhart recently gave one. Interview with NME. Urquhart talked about a lot of things happening at the studio, including an upcoming Xbox console exclusive Approved. His comments on Xbox Game Pass caught our attention the most.

Obsidian’s CEO said the service has made him re-evaluate how success is measured. Instead of turning to sales revenue, the studio now focuses more on that. hours Spent in the game. His quote gives us more detail on the matter:

I can’t go and spend a billion dollars and only have a million hours of play on Game Pass, because people aren’t paying that much for their subscriptions.

So, instead of measuring a game’s results in money, the studio uses the amount of time players have spent playing it. As a result, the matter went from one. million dollars up to a million hours. However, the subscription service hasn’t made the studio change its ways.

Urquhart says Obsidian hasn’t changed the way it accesses games because of Xbox Game Pass. Obsidian Entertainment still makes it popular. Role playing IPs Just like he did before. However, it is now clear that success is not measured by sales numbers.

We haven’t changed the way we access our games based on Game Pass.

As, Obsidian is an Xbox studio, all of its games go on Xbox Game Pass on day one. So, the more of his 29 million subscribers play the game, the bigger his victory. And, hours need to be in as well. Millions For a title success.

This presents a problem for smaller games like Obsidian Entertainment’s. Repentance. An RPG is a short experience and it’s not really something that makes you spend a lot of time in the game world. Urquhart says there are definitely certain requirements for creating Xbox Game Pass titles.

They say that every Obsidian title out there should have something for everyone. Compares CEO service. Netflix And even if you’re looking for a specific genre, you might want to look at something else. We get some insight from the following quote:

For me personally, when I go to Netflix if I don’t get enough Scandinavian detective dramas, I end up disappointed with Netflix. But I don’t just want Scandinavian detective dramas.

As a result, Obsidian will have to be a little more flexible in order to succeed on Xbox Game Pass. “Making the Studio”A diverse spread of topicsThe studio’s upcoming projects echo those sentiments while staying true to its role-playing roots.

Obsidian is making Avowed, an Xbox Series-exclusive RPG, and The Outer Worlds 2, Another console exclusive. Feargus Urquhart also stated in the interview that this would not have been possible without the acquisition of Microsoft.

While they may have worked on a sequel to The Outer Worlds, Avowed wouldn’t have been possible without the company’s financial muscle.

Microsoft also allows Studio to be a separate company and still use its resources as “Limited Integration Studio” So, the partnership has mostly been a win-win for Obsidian Entertainment. If it allows Urquhart to realize more dreams like his canceled ones. Journey to the center of the earth All the same, we’re here for it.

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