Nvidia released Windows hotfix driver 536.09 to fix display flickering for some users.


Nvidia GeForce driver update

Nvidia released a hotfix driver to address some nagging issues reported by many GeForce GPU owners. The latest WHQL signed display driver from Nvidia, version 535.98, is causing flickering black screens for many users.

The release notes for the new hotfix driver make it clear that the driver fixes the flickering issue for multiple monitor setups only when its adaptive sync technology, G-SYNC, is enabled. The changelog for hotfix driver 536.09 says:

GeForce Hotfix Display Driver Version 536.09 is based on our latest Game Ready Driver 535.98.

This hotfix resolves the following issue:

  • When using multiple monitors that support adaptive sync, users may experience random flicker on some displays when G-SYNC is enabled after updating driver 535.98. [4138119]

To download the driver, go to Support article On Nvidia’s official website where you can find the download link.

Interestingly, Nvidia’s 535.98 driver changelog already notes some other flickering issues, one in the resolved section and the other in the open issues section.

Hopefully the other display flickering bugs will be fixed with the next driver update from the company as many users are still reporting the same issue on the driver feedback thread. Nvidia’s official forum.

The story is mostly the same. Reddit discussion thread as well as. However, interestingly, some users are reporting that the driver has fixed the flickering issue even on a single monitor, even though this hotfix is ​​for multiple monitors.

If this driver does not resolve the issue, there are reports that disabling Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS) from the Windows graphics settings resolves the issue. If you are not sure how to disable HAGS, you can refer to this guide.


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