NVIDIA GeForce Now will add Microsoft’s Age of Empires games to the cloud gaming service.


Microsoft honors its agreement with NVIDIA to include its games in the GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Today, NVIDIA announced four long-running games. Age of Empires The RTS series will be added to GeForce Now in late June.

The first three titles will be the Definitive Edition versions of these games, while gamers will get the Anniversary Edition of these games. Age of Empires IV. NVIDIA said That games will also get future expansions and additional content seasons through GeForce Now.

gave Age of Empires The franchise will join the list of at least 20 games slated to join GeForce Now in the month of June. The current list is:

Keep in mind that this list is tentative and more games may be added to GeForce Now in June that have yet to be revealed. It’s also possible that one or more games on this list will be delayed beyond June.

NVIDIA GeForce Now added a total of 22 games in May, but one of them was previously on the list. Conqueror’s Blade, did not actually start last month. We’ll have to see if it pops in during June.


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