Nvidia 531.61 Game Ready driver has RTX 4070 support, fixes for Last of Us Part 1


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070

To coincide with the release of the brand new RTX 4070 graphics card, Nvidia has rolled out a new driver update that adds support for the new hardware. GeForce Game Ready 531.61 WHQL driver includes bug fixes to build some games, e.g The Last of Us Part 1, A little smoother works too.

Aimed at the 1440p market, the new RTX 4070 12GB on sale today starting at $599 features big power draw advantages over previous generation RTX GPUs from Nvidia. This driver is a recommended install for anyone.

Meanwhile, Nvidia released a hotfix driver last week to fix one of the crashing issues. The Last of Us Part 1 The PC port that launched recently. The new Game Ready driver ships with the same fixes seen in the hotfix, so RTX 30 series owners can get a more stable experience by upgrading the usual way as well.

All the fixes included in this release are:

  • [Assassin’s Creed Origins] The game may have stability issues when using 531.18.[4008770]
  • [The Last of Us Part 1] The game may randomly crash during gameplay on GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs. [4031676]
  • [Hogwarts Legacy] [Regression] Black screen / hang on launch on shader completion screen using driver 531.18 [4012825]

The known issues are:

  • Turning in-game HDR on and off causes game stability issues when non-native resolutions are used. [3624030]
  • If DSR/DLDSR is enabled, the monitor display may blink briefly when waking from sleep. [3592260]
  • [Halo Wars 2] The in-game vegetation is larger than usual and displays constant flickering. [3888343]
  • [GeForce RTX 4090] Watch Dogs 2 may display flickering when staring at the sky. [3858016]
  • An increase in DPC latency was observed in Latencymon. [3952556]
  • Applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters causes games to crash. [4008945]

The Nvidia 531.61 Game Ready driver is now available for download on the GeForce Experience app. The standalone links aren’t there yet, but we’ll list them below when Nvidia makes them available. The release notes are here (PDF).


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