Now you can relive Windows 95 on Windows 11 and 10 with the latest WindowBlinds 11 update.


Windows 95 theme

A few days ago, Stardock released its latest update with WindowBlinds 11. Version The latest release brings a major update that many long-time Windows fans and enthusiasts will enjoy. The software development team has added a new “Windows Classic” skin that basically reskinned your Windows 10 and Windows 11 with a Windows 95 theme. The changelog mentioning this feature reads:

WindowBlinds 11 also provides a preview of all available skins as you can see in the image below:

Window blinds 11

The reskin overall looks very compelling. Here are some more examples, one with Winor, and the other inside File Explorer:

Window blinds 11
Window blinds 11

We also add a few other sub-styles for the Win8 skin. These are the default, XP, Vista, and Windows 8 presets. It is not new and was already available.

WindowBlinds went public beta at the beginning of 11 years. If you’re not following along, here’s what’s new:

  • Automatic dark mode
  • Improved high DPI support for new skins
  • Marketplace browser for skin library
  • Auto-scaling for legacy skins to improve visual fidelity
  • Designed for Windows 10 and 11 (see image below for Windows 10)
Windows 95 theme

You can download WindowBlinds from Neowin or Stardock’s. Official website. You can also download the entire Object Desktop package. Object Desktop Programs such as the fences, Start 11, group, Sound Packager, Deskscapes And Abundance.

Disclaimer: Nuveen’s relationship with Stardock


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