Nothing CEO Carl P reviews the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, feels it’s not much of an upgrade


Carl P reviews the S23 Ultra.

Nothing CEO Carl P has released another review of the smartphone on YouTube. And this time, it’s the Galaxy S23 Ultra that Samsung launched earlier this year. Carl has reviewed various flagships in the past, including the iPhone 14 Pro and the OnePlus 11. Here’s New Van’s own review of the phone if you’re interested.

The CEO said he wanted to review the S23 Ultra sooner but that his “YouTube career is difficult to balance with the CEO’s career.” He would like to source the devices before launch, as influencers and media do, and issue revisions to the ban. Back in the day, Carl was an early adopter of Samsung devices and was the first among his friends to buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3.

After using the S23 Ultra for about a month, Pei said he doesn’t see much difference in the S23 Ultra’s design compared to its predecessor, the S22 Ultra. Talking about the hardware design, he describes the device as a “perfect straight-a-student. Pure science and no art”.

Talking about the One UI software on the device, he finds it “a bit dated in some of the conversational logic” and says it bears many similarities to when he used Samsung devices about 12 years ago. were But the part he can’t stand the most is the bloatware on the S23 Ultra. He counted a total of 35 pre-installed apps in the video, including Facebook and Spotify.

When asked about the S Pen, Carl said that Samsung has done a lot of work on the tech, but he doesn’t fall into the target audience for the S Pen because it’s not of much use to them. However, Carl believes that “everyone in our industry should respect Samsung because they built the Android ecosystem with Google. So, if it wasn’t for Samsung, we’d be here.”

“I just don’t feel like the S22 Ultra and the S23 Ultra … there isn’t enough progress between the two to make it a compelling upgrade for consumers,” he said. However, his overall verdict is that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is “one of the best flagship phones on the market right now if you’re okay with the size.” You can read about the differences in our review.


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