Nintendo Switch Online vouchers may return.


Highlights of the story

  • Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers may be making a comeback after Nintendo’s YouTube channel posted an unlisted video about them.
  • These vouchers were part of the online service in the North America region prior to 2019.
  • In the promo video, we see existing games like Pokemon Scarlet, and Violet, meaning the video is new.
  • Fans believe this rumor will become official at the February Nintendo Direct, but only time will tell.

A few years ago, Nintendo Switch Online The subscription had a really neat park that saved players money. In-game vouchers The online service allows you to buy more than one game in a cut-price package. However, much to the dismay of fans, the company discontinued the feature. 2019At least in North America.

The official YouTube account posted a video about Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers, hinting at their return. Although the video was quickly taken down, fans took to it. And, this could be the first unintended leak that confirms the return of online game vouchers.

Like other major players in the gaming world, Nintendo There is also an online subscription service. Nintendo Switch is owned by an online company. PlayStation Plus Equitable and offers many benefits. after the Nintendo Network And Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionThis is the company’s third-generation online subscription.

Apart from allowing you to play online multiplayer, it also gives you access to Cloud Savings And Voice chat Through the app. Also, you can access a Library Contains a myriad of old Nintendo games. The games contained in this Service are from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) And SNES Consoles

An additional level that came out 2021allowing you access to more games and other perks. Nintendo Switch Online+ Expansion Pack added Nintendo 64 And The Sega Genesis Games in the online service’s game library. Players also got free access to the games’ paid DLCs Splatoon 2 And Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Even with all these advantages, fans have sorely missed one feature of Nintendo Switch Online: Game Vouchers. By 2019, these vouchers were taken. $99.98 and allowed you to redeem any two games from the voucher catalog. This allowed you to pick up Nintendo Switch titles for less, which is great considering how rare sales are for Switch exclusives.

Nintendo ended this perk. North American region in 2019, although they are still available in some regions. However, this feature is now making a comeback, thanks to a bug by Nintendo YouTube Channel. Someone accidentally posted a video about returning Nintendo Switch Online game vouchers.

The slip has been covered and now there is video. privateBut it’s all over the internet. As you can see, the video explains how game vouchers work. We can see Pokemon Scarlet and Violet popping up in the video, which clears up any doubt that it’s old.

Players can use Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers to buy new games and save money. According to the promo, titles like Splatoon 3, Mario Kart 8 DeluxeBayonetta 3, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be purchased. So, this feature doesn’t limit you only to old games.

By using two vouchers to buy two different games, you can save up to $20. Generally, you will have to pay $120 For all-new Nintendo Switch first-party games. However, you can get for them. $100 With vouchers, you are saving some money.

Nintendo Switch Online is a base subscription. $20, so you have to keep this addition in mind. In addition to buying pre-released games, you can also Pre-order some games. Game vouchers are redeemable. 12 months and need not be used at the same time.

So, it’s a really user-friendly service, and that’s why fans want it back. Most likely, it will backfire because the video is legitimate but came out prematurely. Fans are assuming that a new one Nintendo Direct It’s going to happen this February, and this could be a part of it.

Hopefully the unlisted YouTube video is correct, and we’ll see the feature return soon. Do you think Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers are coming back? Let us know in the comments below.

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